Southern Methodist University
Owner Privately Owned
Location University Park
Status Accepting Students for the 2005 Summer Semester
Motto The Truth Shall Set You Free
Colors Harvard Crimson & Yale Blue
Mascot Peruna (black shetland pony)

Green grass carpets the campus area, the central focus of which is a large concrete fountain. Tall sprays of water spout straight up from the center, with smaller sprays blossoming out closer to the edge. Seven low buildings in a variety of architectural styles are arrayed around the fountain.

To the right is the old Science building. Continuing in a counter-clockwise manner, there is the Humanities Building, then the library, a track, two tennis courts, a gymnasium and finally the dormitories.


Staff Department Notes
Dr. David Trudeau BioChemistry Adjunct Professor. Currently teaching Biology to non-majors for the summer session.
Dr. Quinn Niveus Mythological Studies


Student Major Notes
Hope Tyler Education Top ten in her class, minoring in English.
Ian Withers ??

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