St Cecilia's Catholic Church
Owner Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas
Pastor Rev. Edmundo Paredes
Vicar Rev. A. Salvador Rodríguez
Deacons Gonzalo Gonzales, Onesimo Martinez
Location Oak Cliff
Status Open
Hours of Operation Weekday Mass: Friday @ 8PM
Sunday Mass: 8AM; 9:30AM, 11AM, 12:30PM
Saturday Reconciliation: 3:15-4:45PM

A small entry hall lit by a single chandelier contains a bulletin board for parish news, and a rack containing various church brochures. In the left corner is a barrel marked "City Food Drive".

The church is a generally open and lofty place, several chandeliers hanging from the arched cathedral ceiling. A huge stained glass window above the door washes the pulpit in color. Pews of dark wood have the slightly polished and used look due to the decades of parishioners using them. As well, the kneeling bars look well worn. At the back of each pew are hymnals and the Book of Common Prayer.

The altar is on a dais, carpeted with crimson and surrounded by a small rail. To the right is the lectern, to the left the pulpit. Above the altar is a suspended wooden cross.


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