Rutherford Veterinary Hospital
Owner Ron Vaughn
Location Northweset Dallas
Status Open for business
Hours of Operation Mon. 7AM-8PM
Tue-Fri. 7AM-6PM
Sat-Sun. 9AM-2PM

From every angle, the Rutherford Veterinary hospital offers a pleasant view. The outside of the building has a beautiful early 50's feel, with it's red brick facade, white-trimmed windows, blue awning-shades over the lower story, and planter boxes hanging all the upper story windows. Out to the back of the facility is a large fenced in, grassy yard with shade trees for the animals.

The reception area is primarily white and graced with three white-wicker chairs with over-sized cushions for client comfort. Groupings of four small portraits appear on every wall, each image depicting a different animal scene. A large brown ceiling fan hangs overhead and is left on at all times during the hot summer months. A long white counter with a shelving unit filled with files makes up the receptionist and vet tech area.

Back behind this are three examination rooms, all equipped with a cushioned bench for the animals, large windows to allow natural light, and x-ray lightboards on the wall. The facility is also equipped with a full surgery, a comfortable waiting pen area for those animals that must be in longer than their regular examination, and several varieties of pet food.

Attached to the Rutherford Veterinary Hospital is a small Pet Spa that specializes in grooming, and a Boarding Kennel with a large indoor and outdoor exercise facility for those animals that need an extended stay.


Employee Position Notes
Summer Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Head veterinarian, Summer has been working at the Rutherford Veterinary Hospital since she graduated from UTD.
Trevor Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Large and small animal veterinarian.
Katherine Receptionist/Tech Receptionist and Part time Vet Tech

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