Water Gardens
Owner Fort Worth Convention Center
Location Fort Worth
Status Open
Hours of Operation Year Round 24h/day

The Gardens are.. huge, to say the least. The water burbles down the granite steps; mini waterfalls down to the catch basin in the bottom several dozen large steppes below the top. There are raised, dry granite blocks that serve a steps designed to bring the visitor down and into the middle of the water display, with mist rising off the blocks in a gentle, almost rain.

At the bottom of basin, there is a single plume of water that bursts up from the center, spraying light droplets, carried by the breeze.

Colored lights shine from the side blocks at night, shimmering through the flows of water, giving a vibrant, living quality to it. Closer to the pool, the colors are more vivid, more vibrant as there is less white light pollution from the top. The greens, blues, yellows all streaming across the surface to flicker and change, melding into new colors as they play against what visitors wear.


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