White Rock Stables
Owner Tedd Oddson Jr.
Location White Rock Lake
Status Open for Business
Hours of Operation 24/7

These stables have obviously been a part of the grounds for a long time. Built in an older style, stalls line either side of the center aisle. Most stalls hold horses that are being boarded or are used by the stables for taking visitors for rides around the lake. Windows allow sunlight to filter in, and hay is stored up above in the loft.

A tackroom at the back of the stables holds saddles and other horse paraphernalia that is waiting to be used or cleaned.

The smell of hay and manure linger in the air at most times, making a prolonged visit uncomfortable for some. During the winter, the stables are heated to allow greater comfort for the horses and anyone wishing to hide out in here.

The 14 acres also hold three riding arenas, an outdoor fenced in area for training, and outdoor shelters for the animals.


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