World Of Pets
Owner Finn Montgomery
Location Preston Forest Shopping Center
Status Open for business
Hours of Operation Mon-Fri. 9AM-10PM
Sat-Sun. 10AM-5PM

World of Pets is bright and modern shop. Large, clean windows allow people to peek inside from out in the mall, to see the pets and accessories. Everything else inside this shop sparkles and glistens. Gleaming chrome outlines the display cases beneath the large glass counter. All surfaces in the shop seem to be polished in such a way as to reflect the light. Round lamps hang from the ceiling at varying heights to provide light, making all of the glass and chrome surfaces shine. Chinchillas, ferrets and other cute little pets are kept in dozens of glass cages set all over the store. All sides of the cages are glass, and don't appear to be ventilated, though if one looks close enough they'll see small holes in the tops of the cages so that the animals can breathe.

There is a small room at the left side of the shop which is rented out to a local animal shelter. Within, one can adopt puppies and kittens, as well as older animals.


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