Abbey Lee Wallace (O'Shea)
Portrayed by Jessica Biel
Fullname Abigail Lee Wallace (O'Shea)
Birthday October 31st
Species Werewolf
Age 24
Height 5'9
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Ice Blue
Hair Crimson Red
Occupation Car mechanic/Odd Jobber/Bike Mechanic, ect

Claim to Fame

Owner of Bunker's Garage in West Dallas. Abbey has also made a name for herself in the car and motocycle street racing business. She uses a fake name of course and only a few know who she really is.


At a young age Abbey found out the truth about her family, the fact that they wasn’t normal and that there was something special about her and the rest of the people that made up her family. It was the night of a fullmoon when the pack turned into their wolf selves and like any child she was rather excited to find out that when she was old enough there was the possibility of her being a wolf as well. Her parents where second in charge of the ShadowStalker pack, and as Abbey was the only child still living out of the leaders she was going to take control of the pack years down the road if she was truly a wolf.

Still like any fairy tale there was no happy ending here. Two years later a neighboring pack wanting to expand its territory took it upon themselves to try and wipe the ShadowStalker’s off the earth. Many died during a all out war, including Abbey’s parents. By a stroke of pure luck Abbey herself was saved thanks to another pack member named Emily taking her out just in time. It took many months and a lot of traveling but both Emily and Abbey made it to the states. They lived on the east coast for some time before traveling down to Texas and taking up a home in the deep south attempting to escape the troublesome past.

During the moves and then finally when they was able to settle down Emily and Abbey played the mother daughter role, and with forged papers to back up the story along with the move from Ireland it worked out an no one was the wiser. Still living in US was a big change for Abbey; she was use to Ireland and missed the mostly sleepy town of Galway that she had to leave. Living in Houston, Texas was not easy for the thickly accented and crimson hair Abbey, she often got into fights with other girls that would pick on her and she would often lose these fights. She did manage to make it through school; getting fairly good grades even while getting into trouble in and out of school. Most of her getting into trouble came from the fact that she has a quick mouth and enough attitude to choke a elephant if given the chance. Soon enough she started hanging around with the wrong type, and this in turn got her in trouble with the law a few times before she made it into high school.

Just before turning fourteen Abbey experienced her first change into hat of a wolf, this may have had some reason for her sudden reason to act out and get into trouble. Still when the fullmoon came around once again Emily took Abbey out of school and they went ‘camping’ as it were to make sure nothing happened in town. It took Abbey only a short amount of time to gain control over her wolf form in the way of being able to shift in and out of it. This was supposly a trait that her parents also had. While it would take longer and more work before she could fully master the art of shifting when there was no fullmoon she was still able to do it quicker the other wolves.

All seemed fine during this time; Abbey started to do better in school and improved with her other side thanks to Emily’s teachings. Though before Abbey’s seventeenth birthday Emily disappeared, while there was times that she would go off on her own she would leave a note or at least call Abbey so she wouldn’t worry. Days turned to weeks and by this time Abbey had went searching on her own. It didn’t take long to find the shallow grave where her friend and step-mother as it were was buried, the stench of vampires in the air leaving to only one conclusion as to what happened. While the pair did their best to not cause problems with the vampires there was at times issues to arise and it seemed it happened this one time and Emily was killed as a result of it. To this day Abbey still doesn’t fully know what happened that night.

As Abbey was still under age she was nearly put into foster care, she was able to beat this by turning into a run-away and went to live with friends in Dallas before anyone found her missing. She fell into months of depression, and more than once attempted to end her life only to be stopped by friends from actually finishing the process. The only time she felt truly herself and happy was when she was able to her herself, a wolf. It took some time before she came to her senses and thus found something new to help her get by. Abbey always had a knack for taking things apart and then putting them back together, and she took her ability and started working on cars of all types. She can make anything work if given enough time and also able to take an engine of just about any type apart and also is able to put it back together. Thanks to this she got into the art of boosting cars and just about anything else with wheels on it. As luck has it she has yet to be caught, plenty of brushes with the law though have left her very cautious, and what and where she boosts the cars from and how she deals with them afterward.

At the age of twenty she took over ownership of a local garage from a friend that was unable to continue working. From time to time the old owner comes by; Sean Bunker actually turned into a father figure for Abbey as the old man took her in and taught her everything he possible knew. While owning a business isn't the easiest thing in the world it's working so far for Abbey. She's staying (mostly) out of trouble and is also able to continue hiding what she is, being one's own boss has its perks after all.


Lately Abbey has been hanging out with Derek, whom happens to be a witch. The pair of formed a rather close friendship for one reason or another, only time will tell where it might lead.

Character Details

Abbey seems to have more than one personality depending on what might be going on. She is normally friendly to people she meets, though this can change and she can be snarky and downright rude if she feels like it. With friends she acts rather cheerful and tends to be happy around them, though with people she doesn't like or ones she considered enemy she would seem to take on a Dr Jeckle and Hyde personality. She has extreme dislike for vampires, and anyone who might try to tell her what to do tend to be met with the same attitude and comments any vampire might get. Still she knows when to keep her cool, and knows when she should or shouldn't start problems. Though she still tends to start problems even when she knows better.


Name Relation Notes
Cinco Aquantance A evening spent at the park is how Abbey got to meet this pack wolf face to face without any other wolves around. She still isn't to sure what to make of this wolf. Though Dakota seemed to like him alot.
Hyde Aquantance Hyde is a rather interesting one, at least this is how Abbey sees him. His a good worker, quiet and blunt. The two are rather alike in many ways actually. Hyde was bitten after a rather serious issue. Abs isn't sure how there relationship will fair now.

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