Alexa Whyte
Portrayed by KATIE MCGRATH
Fullname Alexa Elysia Whyte
Birthday May 17
Race Psychic
Age 24
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs.
Eyes Pale blue/grey
Hair Dark Brown/Black
Occupation Pharmacy Technician

Claim to Fame

Alexa is the new Pharmacy Technician at the De Soto Pharmacy. She also moonlights as an apothecary at the local renaissance fairs with her mother.


Character Details


At least, she's mentally and emotionally haunted by a poltergeist that won't seem to leave her be. This keeps her in a constant state of behaving herself, and never backtalking to anyone. It also makes her somewhat shy, and possibly meek. She's not afraid of people, she's just afraid of emotional outbursts that people may have at her triggering the poltergeist to respond.

Beneath all of her fear though, she is a fairly strong woman when it's merited. She'll stand up for others and try to protect them from her poltergeist. She's also generally happy despite her fear, though her fear pretty much shapes a lot of who she's become.

Emotions must be kept in check, so she's not prone to a lot of outbursts. At least not publicly. If she must have them, she'll run off somewhere private to do her crying or screaming, and let the poltergeist deal primarily with her.


Name Race Relation Notes
Marius Vampire Just Met A very nice vampire who is interested in herbalism.
Will Vampire Just Met Another vampire who claims she bears resemblance to someone in his past.
Mischa Two-Natured WTH?!? Creepy-stalker-serial-killer.
Skylar Human Friend Known him a little over the years. May be friends now.
Elliott Vampire Just Met A third vampire, though never mentioned she looked like a dead woman. He looks like Will.

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