Portrayed by Jewel Staite
Fullname Allison Marie Lancaster
Birthday April 18
Species Werewolf
Age 24
Height 5'5"
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Occupation Daycare Specialist

Claim to Fame

Ditzy but good-hearted young woman who works at one of Dallas's busiest and most popular daycare. Seems to have an aversion to dogs.


Born to Charity and Brady Lancaster, Allison was the first of five children. She remembers her childhood as happy — except for when she realized she couldn't see colors like the other kids and that time old Mister Jenkins' dog bit her.

Even from a young age, Allison was a tomboy. She always preferred overalls to dresses and loved helping her dad in the garage, or shooting hoops with him. She soon became daddy's girl much to the chagrin of her slightly younger sister Audrey. The two vied for his affection so much that it very nearly became a bitter game between them. Brady was a fair father, however, who loved all of his children equally. Allison and Audrey continued to fight throughout their childhoods and well into teenage years. It only escalated then.

Audrey was everything that Allison loathed. She was weak, a goody two-shoes, a completely stuck up bitch. Allison started purposely becoming less and less like her sister. Al started to drink and fight, very nearly getting herself suspended from school. She caused so much trouble that the Lancasters almost considered somehow getting enough money to send her to a boarding school. Luckily high school ended before they could be afforded the opportunity.

One night while walking home drunkenly from a basketball game after having been stood up by her date, Allison was attacked by a lone brown wolf by the side of the highway. The wolf injured her so severely that she nearly died. After weeks in the hospital and a few corrective surgeries to help make the scar tissue to her body less severe, Allison was released. The wolf attack seemed like one of those strange, bad luck-y type things that happened to her until the next full moon.

Allison's first transformation into the beast was something she'll never soon forget. The indescribable pain, the carnage afterward…. the family dog found massacred in the lawn. It wasn't too long after that when Allison made the decision to move to Texas. The Lancasters had some family there and that was the only logical reason Allison could find to move there — at least outwardly logical. Inside, Allison was just terrified. She hated herself for what she'd become. And she was scared to death of hurting her family. Begrudgingly the Lancasters bid farewell to Al.

In Texas, things got a little easier — partially because Allison didn't know anyone. She closed herself off for a while before realizing that she was going to need to get a job. Always having had a knack for dealing with kids (stemming from her years of babysitting the neighbor kids as well as her siblings), she managed to score a job at a prominent daycare center. These days Allison keeps as low a profile as possible, although it's a lonely existence.

Character Details

Outgoing and bubbly, Allison tries to be as understanding and tolerant of other people as she can be. She's rather easygoing and carefree for the most part. Allison tries to be a good listener — but she's an even better talker. The girl is an absolute chatterbox who will strike up a conversation with almost anyone and everyone, no matter the time or place. Allison is also a little ditzy. She's not out and out stupid, though bubble-headed is a good way to put it. Allison has a fiery temper although that takes a lot for her to show it. She's not an easily riled person and seems to have all the patience in the world. There are a few things that seem to get her goat, like people who chew with their mouths open or people who let their children run amok in stores. Allison is a type A personality to the very core. She's independent, hard-working, and proactive. As far as vampires are concerned, Allison roots for them and is all about promoting vampire rights. Sure, not all vampires are friendly, but are all humans? Hell no. They deserve every nicety that humans have, in her mind.


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Title/Artist Theme/Dedication Lyrics
Alcohol by CSS Alcohol "Do you wanna drink some alcohol? I'm just a girl but I have a very strong punch and I have just broken your nose."
Big Bills by Flosstradamus featuring Carolina Polachek Family "Delete my e-mails and silence my calls 'cause I can't, can't explain. But send a postcard across the world so you can't, can't complain."
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall General "Well, my heart knows me better than I know myself so I'm gonna let it do all the talking."
Duvet by BoA Were-ism "I am falling, I am fading, I have lost it all."
New Sensation by Snow Patrol Were-ism "Hate, baby, hate, when there's nothing left for you to do. You're only human, what can you do? It'll soon be over, don't let your pain take over you."
Scoring by BoA The Pack "I take pleasure in being alone, I save passion in making it on my own."


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Black Holes and Revelations June 9, 2010 June 9, 2005 Allison is enjoying a party at the lake when she happens across Jesse who fights with Michael. Later Allison and Jesse make a startling discovery.

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