Portrayed by Susan Coffey
Fullname Ashton Niveus McCullough
Birthday November 12
Species Witch
Age 22
Height 5'5"
Weight 110 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Auburn
Occupation College Student

Claim to Fame

Criminal Justice major at UTD; took a year off and came back, so most of her friends already graduated. A very small minority may know her as the granddaughter of Clarence Niveus, a powerful witch in the midwest. However, please ask first OOCly!


Character Details

Ashton is a resilient and fun-loving young woman. Though she’s experienced much loss in her life, she was too young to remember, and takes it in stride. She’s quite independent, to the point of sometimes being a bit lost in her own adventures and fantasies. It’s not odd to find Ashton lost in some corner of the city, seeking out a new adventure. That being said, she’s a bit of a daredevil. She can’t turn down an ‘I dare you…’ from anyone. It’s not so much the need for fun as it is a slight competitive streak in her. She’s not great at sports, but anything that can be made a competition will be.

Ashton isn’t shy. She’s not afraid of asking for what she wants, though she’s not uppity or obnoxious about it. In fact, being a mooch, she frequently asks for what she wants… only to not give it back, more often than not. Her tendency to mooch along with her competitiveness and chronic lateness for all appointments sometimes makes people think Ashton is selfish. She’s not selfish – she’s genuinely a kind person and would gladly give her shirt off her back – she’s just flakey.

There’s a slightly darker side to Ashton few know. She strives to know more about her past. She misses her parents, and holds a deep grudge against Umbra. She carries this out in her Criminal Justice studies, trying to somehow strive to make the world better, and realizing mundane means will have to be the way to go with all of the supernaturals about. Additionally, Ashton can find it hard to relate to more fortunate people in life. She doesn’t take things for granted and can’t stand snotty people that do…especially relationships with their parents. While she doesn’t have a temper, she sure can harbor a grudge.

Ashton is wary of vampires and shifters alike. She hasn’t had much exposure to them as of yet, so her judgments will have to take shape, but she’s extremely secretive around them and much more unsure of herself, even if she tries not to be.


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