Portrayed by CORBIN BLEU
Fullname Austin Daniel Jamison
Birthday January 23, 1989
Species Human
Age 16
Height 6ft
Weight 160 pounds
Eyes Brown
Hair dark brown
Occupation High School Student

Claim to Fame

Basketball in Highschool, or perhapse some of the Golfers out there might know him as a Caddy at the local Country Club in the summertime.


Austin Daniel Jamison was born on January 23rd 1990 to Daniel Jamison Jr and his wife Celeste. His early years were pretty happy. They took many trips together. Before he was five, Austin had seen just about all of the United States. Though most of it, other then what he could see in the family photo albums he really doesn't remember much of.

All good things must come to an end though. Celeste had Lukimia, so bad that even the treatments could do nothing for it. She'd had it while she was pregnant with Austin, but no one knew because she was good at masking her discomfort. She died about a month after Austin's seventh birthday. His father was a mess, Austin too. But they moved in with Daniel's parents Daniel Sr and Tonya soon after. Soon things seemed to fall back into place, and though Austin had to change schools since their home was in a different district now, things were getting into a normal routine. Though the traveling had come to an abrupt stop. At least for Austin. After about a year or two, Austin's father began dating again, and met an Australian woman named Bethany. They had a whirl wind romance, as they say and not even a year later they were married.


Now, newly married, and there being no room for Austin his father gave his parents custody of Austin, and moved to Australia with his wife. Pretty much, never to have been heard from again. Not that the grandparent's couldn't afford it, his grandfather had a pretty good income coming in, and did what he could to keep his grandson comfortable and happy. Austin did pretty well in school, not the best, but he tried at least. Mathmatics and English being his worse subjects. Though he did pass the courses, it was just barely. He became interested in guitar, computers and video games. Then soon after basketball and golf as well. His grandfather would have preferred him to get into football, but Austin really didn't care for it.

Now in his junior year in High School and sixteen he has visions of motorcycles dancing in his head. He has a job at the local golf course in the summer as a caddy to save up for a motorcycle, yet still have cash to buy computer and video games. trying to keep up with the latest modles as much as possible. He's even switched the old acoustic guitar his grandfather gave him for Christmas back when he was ten, for an electric, a used Flying V that he loves. Durring the school year he's playing basketball and trying not to flunk out too badly. Still mathmatics and english give him troubles, even more so, but he is still just passing by the skin of his teeth. Where the rest of the subjects he does pretty well in. He works out daily, weights, jogging in the early morning, which pleases his grandfather.

He has a few weaknesses. Recently an away game has caused an injury to his left knee, and currently he's on crtches. Though he doesn't let it stop him, he still works out and tries to work it out in his own way, he will have problems with it, and will need a brace on his knee durring the games and ice it after. And it will continue through his life. Making walking and running difficult, yet not impossible. When he's not working, on the hard court, or on the green playing his own game of golf, he is either tucked in his room with his video games and computer, or playing his guitar. But he loves Dallas, and he is seen out exploring the city when he can. He hangs out with his basketball buddies a lot, but when it comes to girls, he has a real problem talking to them. Not that he doesn't want to talk to them, or have a girlfriend, he just has a hard time talking to them.

Though he hasn't discoverd it yet, he has a really bad allergy to fish and shellfish. But since his grandfather doesn't like it anyway, his grandmother never makes it. She doesn't even have it in the house.

Character Details

Despite the fact he's not heard from his father and has been raised by his grandparents, Austin is pretty easy going and tries to get along with everyone. He doesn't get into trouble, but he doesn't get involved when trouble is happening around him either. He'd rather walk away from a fight then get into one. He misses his father, he wishes he'd hear something out of him, but he knows that won't be possible. At times he gets down about it, moody, but not overly depressed or anything. He just locks himself up in his room and takes his frustrations out on his video games


Name Race Relationship Description
Daniel Jamison Sr. Human Grandfather (NPC) Has raised Austin most of his life.
Tonya Jamison Human Grandmother (NPC) Has helped her husband raise Austin
Andra Smith Witch Girlfriend He is completely in love with her, dedicated to her. They haven't been a couple all that long, since February.. But he has certainly fallen for her, hard. Hard to believe, that he was once afraid of girls. Could not talk to them. Though he is devoted to her, loves her and extremely loyal to Andra he can actually speak to girls now.
Cuddles Canine Grandmother's Pug Austin's Grandmother got Cuddles when she was a very little puppy. The mother rejected her because she was young and it was her first litter. His grandmother nurtured her and raised her up well. Now she's a 3 year old bundle of trouble.
Michael Vampire Aquaintence Met this guy a few times, and I know he is a vampire. Yet, for some reason anymore I don't fear him. He's pretty cool to talk to. Perhapse in time we could become friends.
Jamal Witch Andra's Room Mate He is a very interesting person. Though he is difficult to understand. He's a likeable guy, but he best keep his hands off my girl.
Rose Human Aquaintence Met her at White Rock Lake one evening. And despite the rumors, she seemed pretty normal to me. Other then she was swimming in the reservoir in the winter, at night. Tried to be a gentleman and offered my coat when she got out, but she refused. She seemed pleasent enough as well.
Sloane Werewolf Aquaintence Though he never really got her name, he owes her a great deal, she saved his life in Kidd Park when a rabbid Rotwieller was terrorizing people there and came after Austin. But once Austin was safe in a tree, it turned on her. Having not really paid attention to those streaming out of the park, when he went in for a walk, untill he rounded the corner. But he is very greatfull to her.
Ashton Witch Aquaintence Met her in Kidd Park the day he was nearly attacked by the rabbid dog. She showed up later having been out jogging. She tended to Sloane's wounds while waiting for the ambulance and after talked to Austin for awhile. She seemed pretty nice.
Summer Shifter Aquaintence Met her a few nights ago at the Dallas Heritage Village. After helping her rescue a wounded coyote pup, he followed her to the Rutherford Veterinary Hospital to give her a hand with the pup. He had a lot of fun that night, and learned a few things from her about coyotes and a bit about what a Veterinarian does. He would like to learn more about it.
Todd Human Aquaintance Met him a couple times. The first was the night he helped Andra in saving his life. Not that he did too much, but enough that Austin is greatful. The second was the night he was at the Dallas Heritage Village. The man is a bit of a frut loop, but Austin seems to like the man. Perhapse one day, Todd will remember to add his name to that notebook, so he will remember him when they meet again.

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