Portrayed by Briana Evigan
Fullname Bailey Lynn Barnes
Birthday November 10
Species Human
Age 20
Height 5'5"
Weight 115 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Video store clerk

Claim to Fame

Bailey works the counter at a local video store that specializes in cult classics. She can also be found skirting the edges of the local goth/punk scene.


If you've ever wondered what it's like to be the only kid in town without a phone line, Bailey will tell you.

Growing up in a town that only has a roughly 1.5k populace isn't easy. It's even less easy when you're the odd one out. She grew up on a farm a few miles outside of a rural town in Nebraska, not far from the Kansas border. Though the Barnes lived on a farm, they weren't farmers. Clint Barnes was a local construction worker, his job often taking him to places like Omaha or Topeka. Bailey's mother Lucinda worked as the receptionist for the local doctor. Despite the relative normalcy of the situation, Bailey was a target for the taunting of other children. She was teased from everything about the fact that her parents bought her clothes from the thrift store right down to the birth mark on her cheek. Her classmates invented new and interesting nicknames for her. Bailey Barfs. Bailing Barns. So and so forth. Despite her parents' support, Bailey sunk into depression at an early age. More and more frequently she would feign illness just to stay home where no one would pick on her.

As Bailey grew older, she grew more withdrawn. Darker somehow. Her parents worried about her and eventually forced her into attending youth groups at one of the local Baptist churches. The lessons were far from ideal. They only preached fire and brimstone, making Bailey even more withdrawn. She got up the courage to tell her parents that she wasn't going anymore — and when they learned just how strict the church's beliefs were, they didn't much mind. Soon enough Bailey took to wearing all black and dying her hair a multitude of shades. "Kids will be kids," her parents said. It only earned her more ridicule from her classmates, but by that time, Bailey wasn't inclined to care. Her life was miserable. She was stuck in a dump of a town where everyone whispered about her, she had been made to feel she was ugly and stupid, and there was no easy way out. Bailey cut her wrists one early December morning at the tender age of thirteen.

The event shook both of her parents and only managed to cause a stir in Alma. It earned her a brief stint in an institution, a few nice scars, and her door/lock privileges being taken away for a while at home. After that though? The other kids stayed away from her. She no longer came home with tears streaming down her cheeks, vowing never to go back to school. She was the crazy girl. It was her niche. She immersed herself in her interests: music, movies, TV, whatever escape she could find from the unglamorous pit that was Alma. Her parents worried about her and convinced her to get into choir. It didn't last long, but Bailey realized that she loved music. The sweet strains of the Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails began to save her from herself. Finally, someone knew her pain. She invested in learning how to play her dad's old guitar. One of her more dorky hobbies was play acting in the mirror when bored. In the end, it managed to serve her well — as fake crying jags often got her out of class and sent to the infirmary.

These interests served her well until graduation. The solid C student graduated and received a small amount of money from her relatives as a present. Money which combined with that she'd been squirreling since she was ten or eleven, she used to move to Dallas, Texas — exactly a week after graduation. It was a big leap for her and at first she was overwhelmed. Soon though, she learned that she was much more fond of the big city than any horseshit small town in the midwest. Bailey started to work as a waitress for a while until the boss started to grab her ass. It was a pure stroke of luck that she found Cameron's Cult Classics advertising in a paper for employees. She applied and got the job. Her boss Cameron had a good handle on her. He saw through her crap and really held her together for a while. He nurtured her morbid curiosity by letting her watch as many of the rentals as she liked, but he also turned her on to alternative beliefs. It was he who gave Bailey her first deck of tarot cards.

When vampires made their Revelation, Bailey was thrilled at first. She almost joined the ranks of fangbangers before realizing that it was just so passe. Bailey kept romanticizing vampires, however — except for the fact that in vampire movies, there's always an evil sonofabitch that needs a good staking. Vampires are a source of curiosity and mysticism to her. Bailey wonders now what other creatures exist and if she'll ever be a part of their world. It sure seems to beat the usual mortal coil.

Character Details

Bailey is a mask upon a mask upon a mask upon a mask. She hides most of her pain, fears, and real desires behind a mask of humour and sarcasm. Her multi-faceted personality runs deep for various reasons, most of which are only known to her. Underneath her mask of humour lies sadness which she does her very best to hide. She tends to dwell on both life's little AND big problems equally. Mixed with her natural disposition towards depression, she's often fighting a losing battle on the inside. She's very shy towards most people, even at work, although she does have small bursts of extroversion. Her moods are varied and change from one minute to the next at random. When she's around someone she's comfortable with, she can talk a mile a minute. Her unpredictable, wild side comes out, sometimes as a shock to those around her — this shock is often on purpose. Bailey enjoys the shock value of things to a certain degree, although she's not one to be overtly crass or rude. She adores children has a very strong maternal instinct that tends to rear it's head even when dealing with people her own age, or sometimes with those who are older.

Bailey is a loyal friend for the most part. To err is human, however. When Bailey is wronged or mistreated, she views it as her fault and sinks into a deep depression, belittling herself for her faults. Somedays she's on a hairpin trigger, just waiting to explode. Luckily these little fits are controlled with medication.

As for vampires? Bailey supposes that they're cool. But if vampire lit and film has taught her anything, it's that not all vampires are nice. She's even more cautious about vampires than she is humans — even if she romanticizes them foolishly in her mind.


Name Race Relation Notes
Hyde Human Acquaintance Her only encounter thus far with Hyde was… awful. She hopes to avoid him at all costs.
Megan Human Acquaintance Seamstress & fashion designer. Bailey likes her well enough and hopes to talk to her a little more intimately at some point.


Song Dedication/Theme Lyrics
Elephant Woman by Blonde Redhead Depression "Will it break it your wings? Will you shed no tears for broken me?"
Empty by Metric Depression "When there's no way out, the only way out is to give in. How I love to, how I love to, how I love to give in."
Heaven or Las Vegas by The Cocteau Twins Future/Aspirations "Am I just in heaven or Las Vegas? It's more brighter than the sun is to me."
Let Go by Frou Frou General "There's beauty in the breakdown."
Sour Girl by Stone Temple Pilots Depression "She was a sour girl the day that she met me."
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths Morbidity "And if a double decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die."

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Fashion! April 13, 2010 April 13, 2009 Not just a catchy David Bowie song, but also what Megan and Bailey end up discussing.
Hell In A Handbasket April 18, 2010 April 18, 2009 Bailey's day goes exactly to this after Hyde stops by the store.

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