Portrayed by Rosario Dawson
Fullname Beatrix Reynard
Alias The Red Queen
Birthday June 21, 1795
Species Vampire
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Age 210
Death Age 27
Height 5‘9"
Weight 130 pounds
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Voodoo Queen & Drug Trafficker
Theme Song "When You're Evil " by Voltaire

Claim to Fame:

Beatrix is known in the magical community as the “Red Queen”, a famous Voodoo Priestess from New Orleans. She is known to drug traffickers as a source of “V”.


Beatrix Reynard was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on the Summer Solstice of 1765. Her father was Andrew Reynard, a wealthy tobacco plantation owner of the time. Her mother was his house servant, Lucile. Beatrix’s mother died during childbirth, and her father put her in the care of another of his servants, Claudette. Though Reynard loved Beatrix very much, he kept her hidden away from the public eye. Wanting to avoid a scandal, he never even told the girl that he was her true father.

Beatrix was taught to cook and to play the piano. She was secretly taught to read and write by Reynard himself. When she was old enough, Beatrix would visit the other servants who lived near the fields. Here she met a woman known as Miss Marie. Miss Marie was a practitioner of Voodoo, which Beatrix found to be very interesting. She would often sneak down to learn various things from Miss Marie. By the time the girl was 20, she was quite famous among the servant populations as a renowned practitioner of the craft.


Beatrix kept her secret life as a Voodoo Queen separate from her life as a house servant. She spent her days cooking, cleaning, and entertaining in the house and went out at night to practice her craft. She came into the manner late one evening to discover that the other servants in the house had been drained of blood. She ran to the master’s quarters and found the Vampire Myron standing over his lifeless body. The vampire came toward her intending to kill her, but he realized that he recognized her from viewing a few of her ceremonies.

The Vampire decided not to allow the woman’s life go to waste and offered to turn her into a vampire, which she accepted. Myron took up residence in the plantation, acting as a distant cousin who came to handle the estate after Reynard’s death. The two remained together for ten years until Myron left for the northern states. Beatrix remained and took up her father’s name. She lurked in the shadows of Louisiana for several decades, still practicing her craft and feeding upon those unlucky enough to cross her.

Beatrix continued to practice Voodoo for as long as it was feasible for her to do so. Voodoo requires both the practitioner and the victim to believe that the craft will work in order for it to be effective, and over time less and less people came to believe in its power. Beatrix would trade spells and hexes for human blood. She became known to the darker communities in Louisiana as the “Red Queen”, the Voodoo Priestess who used human blood to remain eternally youthful. In truth she was a vampire, but no cared to make that association.

Eventually believers in Voodoo dropped to such a level that Beatrix was no longer able to work as a priestess productively. The only feats she could still perform were the creations of tonics and poisons, fortune telling, and powerless ceremonial spells. Though Beatrix hated the living, she preferred the humans to give her their blood willingly. Killing too many would bring too much attention to herself, something that she did not want or need.

At about the time that Beatrix was almost out of customers the Great Revelation took place. Beatrix was very displeased with this. Her very few remaining customers recognized her for what she was and stopped dealing with her. She was forced to go out and hunt for a few months, but before long she began hearing that the humans were using Vampire Blood as a drug. She began exchanging her own blood for live human blood. Beatrix became severely annoyed when the Fellowship of the Sun popped up. She moved to Dallas to get closer to the problem, intending to find a way to eventually dismantle the group.

Beatrix is known to those who look for it to be a dealer of “V”. She still exchanges her own blood for cash and for live human blood. She also exchanges the blood of other vampires, though her sources are mysterious. Beatrix has not yet been bothered by her brethren for her sale of “V”. Either no one of importance has been able to trace the drug back to her or they do not mind her trafficking of blood.

Character Details:


Beatrix has a reputation in the vampire community as being especially cruel and difficult to predict. Her Voodoo title of the “Red Queen” has transferred over to the Vampire world do to her bloodthirsty nature, but the title is just a nickname and holds no hierarchical importance. She respects other vampires as her kin but sees humans as nothing more than a food source to be utilized.

Beatrix was vehemently opposed to the Revelation and refuses to accept humans as her equal. She tolerates the human friends of the vampire community to make life easier for the other vampires in her area. Beatrix finds organizations such as the Fellowship of the Sun to be an affront to her own kind. If given the chance she would gladly kill any member of that organization without hesitation.

Beatrix does find the humans to be useful for one reason, the trafficking of Vampire Blood as a commodity. She is known to her contacts to sell her own blood in exchange for money or live human blood. She also trades the blood of other vampires, though her sources remain mysterious.

Family & Mentors:

Name Race Relation Notes
Lucile Human Birth Mother The house servant of a wealthy plantation owner who died giving birth to Beatrix.
Andrew Reynard Human Biological Father He raised Beatrix as well as he could considering the scandal. He was later killed by the vampire Myron
Claudette Human Adoptive Mother A house servant in the employ of Andrew Reynard who raised Beatrix as her daughter.
Myron Vampire Beatrix’s Maker He killed her father and the other house servants, but he found Beatrix to be too interesting to waste.
Miss Marie Voodoo Priestess Mentor Voodoo Priestess on her master’s plantation. Beatrix learned her craft from this woman and came to see her as a motherly figure.

Relationships & Acquaintances:

Name Race Relation Notes
Abbey Werewolf Annoyance Abbey stopped Beatrix from eating some tasty homeless folk. Beatrix is not fond of her.
Jamal Witch Annoyance Jamal stopped Beatrix from eating some tasty homeless folk. Beatrix is not fond of him.
Michael Vampire Acquaintance Met him at Bloody Mary's. She respects his age, but disagrees with his methods when dealing with the Fellowship.
Mignonette Human Acquaintance Met her at the library. Beatrix was impressed with the girl and has decided that she will not eat her if given the chance.
Sloane Werewolf Acquaintance Met her in an alley. She recognized the girl as a werewolf and read her palm.

Character Gallery:



Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Package Delivery... March 10, 2005 March 10, 2010 Mignonette finally tracks down her elusive Quarry on a stop at Bloody Mary's. Desiree comes in to see the sights.
The Vicious Vampiress March 16, 2005 March 16, 2010 Beatrix is hindered in her attempt to feed on some homeless kids by Abbey & Jamal. She is generally displeased.

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