Fullname Benjamin Wilder
Birthday December 31
Species Human
Age 32
Height 5'11"
Weight 150
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Doctor

Claim to Fame

Ben's a new doctor at Medical City Hospital. He originally hails from the East Coast and, despite the demanding hours any doctor keeps, he's also known to volunteer at emergency and free clinics around town.

Ben is known to come from a wealthy family, and often makes appearances (and donations) at charity events.


(These facts can all be found out with a reasonable amount of effort and detective/research skills)

Ben is the son of a prominent Washington, DC lawyer and grew up in Alexandria, VA. His mother had a successful cottage industry making perfume.

He is the oldest of six children. His younger siblings are as follows: Albert, a professor of physics at UVA; Oscar and Olivia, twins, both explorers and adventurers; Elizabeth, a college student with a spiritualist website; Charles, currently residing in a mental institution in Virginia.

Ben was a star wrestler in high school and started college at U Penn with a wrestling scholarship, but lost that scholarship after he took a year-long medical leave of absence. The specific reason for the medical leave is not recorded.

Ben began seriously undertaking community service projects after his return to college. He graduated from U Penn with honors as a Pre Med, with a high score on his MCAT.

Ben attended Johns Hopkins University for medical school. He is known to have quit drinking alcohol at this time.

Ben was briefly admitted to a hospital through the Emergency Room while in medical school, for an undisclosed reason.

Ben's father, Theodore, died when Ben was twenty-nine, leaving him some additional money.

Ben is a practicing Catholic.

Character Details

Ben often comes off as awkward, though he seems nice enough. He sometimes seems to have difficulty understanding others. There is a certain shyness about him.


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