Bethany Brooks
Portrayed by INDIRA VARMA
Fullname Bethany Dahlia Brooks
Birthday December 26
Species Human
Age 29
Height 171 cm
Weight 54 kg
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Past Life Regression Therapist

Claim to Fame

Thanks to my business as a Past Life Regression Therapist, many people know me as a "kook". Once they get to actually know me though, they're generally surprised to find that I'm a soft spoken woman with a sound knowledge of history, as well as being a kind face in the community.


Character Details

I'm a quiet woman. Generally meek and mild mannered. I try to help out in the community when I can, and while I don't have any reason to bake cupcakes or attend PTA meetings, I do volunteer at the soup kitchen around the holidays.

I'm also a bit strange. I love history, and the past. I love delving into lives and regressing people to find out who they were. Sometimes it's pretty amazing, and I can tell them they were related to royalty. Sometimes it's less so, but still fun to do.

I'm a bit of an anachronism. I feel at home in Dallas, but at the same time I have days where I feel completely out of time. As though my current life belongs here, but my past life is looking to be somewhere else. It's hard to explain, but I carry it with me all the time.

As for my view on vampires? Well, they're just people that have stopped themselves from experiencing any other life than the one they were in when they died. They're cheating their afterlife, really. I have no ill will toward them though. My general theory is that they've lost someone close to them, and are holding in their current life until they find the reincarnation of the one they lost.


Name Race Relation Notes
Marius Vampire Claimant I am the lamb for this vampire.

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