Portrayed by Rob Zombie
Fullname Barnabas "Bones" Visser
Birthday January, 27
Species Vampire
Age 333 (32)
Height 5'11
Weight 165
Eyes Gray Green
Hair Dirty Blonde
Occupation Junkyard Security

Claim to Fame

The ugliest rat on the dirtiest pile of garbage. Night security guard at his friend's junkyard, bar hopper of any bar that'll let him in, and probably the friendliest guy you'll get in a fist fight with this week. He might not be the oldest vampire in Texas, but by the amount of stories he's willing to tell, you'd swear he was old enough to be a caveman. He certainly looks the part.


Character Details

Crude and rude but open and amiable. While his gravelly, grizzled voice tends to paint him very quickly as a dirty thug, there's an honesty in his smile and laugh that can quickly overwrite the stains on his jacket and tears in his jeans. Those with a thin skin can find his company rather grating, as he has a tendency towards peppering his speech with obscenities, and good natured ribbing. He doesn't tend to form attachments given being quite nomadic for so much of his unlife, but history has shown him loyal to friends, and forgiving of enemies.

He's been around long enough to have absolutely no problem with death and violence, and he'll tell some grisly tails from his past that'd make even a fellow vampire's skin crawl. But despite a somewhat vicious and dirty history, he's an easy-going guy who's far too upbeat to hurt anyone without good reason. Still, you can't precisely teach an old dog new tricks, and as much as he'll claim that his fighting days are behind him, the thrill of a good scrap is always alluring.

He seems to like keeping up with the times a little bit more than the average vampire of his age, but he's always a bit behind. He'll make jokes about television shows long since canceled, carry around Tamagotchis, play old fashioned Tiger Electronics gaming handhelds, and listen to Motorhead on cassette in his Sony Walkman.


Name Race Relation Notes
Sarah Visser (NPC) Human Mother Deceased
Gerard Visser (NPC) Human Father Deceased
John Brown (NPC) Vampire Maker Destroyed

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
A Drink With Drunko August 8, 2010 August 8, 2005 Bones walks into a bar and picks a random victim for his conversation, choosing Steve.
Dem Bones August 14, 2010 August 14, 2005 Desiree goes to Bloody Mary's in hopes of finding one of two vampires. Instead, she is found by a strange vampire who likes to talk. WARNING: Strong language..
An Unhealthy Problem with Authority August 16, 2010 August 16, 2005 Bones meets a man who's not at all entertained by his buffoonery, and learns a little about what is expected of Dallas vampires.
The Princess and the Pirate August 18, 2010 August 18, 2005 A pirate comes to introduce himself to Medieval Times' resident princess.
That's a Wrap August 23, 2010 August 23, 2005 Bones has difficulty wrapping his broken arm and asks Bethany for help.
Dont Fear the Leaper September 7, 2010 September 7, 2005 Bethany has her quiet moment at the park interrupted when Bones drops in. Kate overhears their conversation and lends her medical experiance.

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