Braeden MacKeirnan
Portrayed by Simon Baker
Fullname Braeden Keely MacKeirnan
Birthday July 15th
Species Vampire
Age 76
Height 6'2"
Weight 180lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Red/Blond
Occupation AVL - Media Relations Associate

Claim to Fame

Braeden is part Dallas Chapter Public Relations of the American Vampire League. He is at times required to make public apperances at news conferences, radio broadcasts and talk shows regarding the latest inquiries concerning vampires.


Character Details

For a man supposedly keeping his "inner demon" in check would be found surprisingly well mannered. As Braeden represents a TV, radio, and public personality of the American Vampire League, he is expected to keep all his I's dotted and his T's crossed. An indepth check into his record would find him a model citizen of both worlds. A law abiding citizen, a vampire who has paid his US taxes all throughout the years of his undead existence. He could easily assume the role of a social butterfly when the situation calls for it or a stand against the wall as a highly decorated wall flower. Either way, Braeden has always composed himself as a gentleman without obnoxiously flaunting his wealth. He is also known to donate to charities, a recent stipulation members of the AVL have mandated to polish the image of vampires. Unlike a man burdened with emotions it would come at a difficult guess to find out what pushes Braeden's buttons to the limit. After all, he is supposed to be a model vampire.

Living out in the open was a huge relief he considered. No longer did he ponder the shame of never fitting in or again, living the role of an outsider as he had when first arriving to the Americas. It is a proud moment to be considered accepted and granted civil liberties. Some, the AVL are still pushing for full rights for the vampires. His own life is somewhat normal. The days are filled deep slumber as his nights reign in the activity of meetings, press conferences, radio appearances and of course, dining with prominent figures that could help push the AVL's agenda. He prefers not to use his immortal abilities as a show for others. He walks at a measured pace, drives a car, takes flights, and rarely glamors people unless the situation desperately calls for it.


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