Portrayed by Aaron Ashmore
Fullname Brett Anthony Coleman
Birthday 7 October, 1979
Species Shifter
Age 25
Height 6'
Weight 170lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Light Brown
Occupation High School Teacher

Claim to Fame


Brett was the product of a pretty typical American family, by all accounts. Mom is an art teacher at the local elementary school, dad is a soon to be retired employee for IBM. Simon had done well for himself during the computer development boom and was well on his way out with a cushy pension. A single biological child, his parents had decided that their house was simply too small for the three of them, and so Molly and Simon Coleman opened their hearts and home to another, whom Brett calls 'brother'.

Childhood was uneventful. The typical indignities of youth were thrust upon him; a tree in a school play, the suddenly sweaty palms of pre-teen when talking to a girl who was, in his own words, 'just a friend', and of course, the trials and tribulations of puberty for a young man who simply could not slough off the exterior trappings of 'youth', even if he did tower over most of his peers by early high school. (He did not play basketball…)

Brett's passage into adulthood didn't go unremarked in other areas either. He'd both longed for and hoped against the 'curse' that he knew that both his parents owned. All he could really hope for was that when (and if) it hit, he wouldn't be anywhere near someone that wouldn't truly understand. Evenings, then, were spent mostly at home, which didn't help his social life any, watching nature programs. Even his parents didn't really know if Brett would be 'like them', and if he was, of what form he would take. Brett… was honestly tired of nature programs. Grabbing the keys to the family truck, he decided an escape would be perfect. There was only so much staring he could handle from his parents, and from his brother.

For years and years, it had been pounded into him to watch for the full moon. To track the days, just in case. His parents could feel the shifting of the phases, but for him, it was always academic. As a result, when he'd left, he didn't hear, or just plain wasn't listening, his parents calling him back. The full moon had begun, and there hadn't been any itching, and feeling that this one would be any different than any others in the past.

It was then, driving out of town for some peace and quiet that he saw a small pack of coyotes taking on a curled up armadillo. It almost seemed as if they were playing a wild game of soccer with the terrified animal as they tried to roll it over to get at the soft underbelly. As he passed, a couple paused at their deadly play and stared at the truck, seemingly staring right at him. It was an odd feeling, and one that stuck with him for some time after he passed them, and the sun went down.

It wasn't until that next morning that the truck was found in a gully alongside the highway. All Brett remembered, even years later, was that he woke up cold and very, very drafty. What he does remember was the lecture he received once he found his way home, and the fact that the police charged his family for the tow-truck they had to call to retrieve the truck.

The rest of high school was uneventful; that was when he realized that real education was only beginning. Like everyone going through puberty, he was gangly and a little awkward. The secret he carried, he was told, could cause a person to spiral into despair. After all, it wasn't as if he was a vampire and nominally accepted into the public eye. Ah no, he was still counted among those that went bump in the night, but he was the author and architect of his future.

After a couple of fits and starts, Brett embraced it and moved forward.

High school completed with a few random embarrassments as possible, he opted to skip the prom, even though he'd heard through the grapevine later (why is it always LATER?!), while in college, that there were two girls interested in having gone with him.

Ah well.

Brett attended Texas Christian University (TCU), much to the chagrin of his mother, but a point of pride from his father. It was more of his father that helped him find his apartment in Dallas and commuting over to Ft. Worth for classes, as a result. Taking a job at the Millermore Mansion, an old pre-civil war mansion in Dallas, as an historic interpreter, he worked his way through school. His employment at the supposedly haunted mansion gave him credible reasons to be on the grounds in the evenings, and, more importantly, during the full moons, after closing.

Upon graduating only a couple of years ago, Brett secured a job in the local high school teaching history to unwilling teenagers. It won't be until tenure that he'll be getting the students who want to actually learn…

During the school day, Brett Coleman can be found at Skyline High School. Summers and weekends are his own.

Character Details

Brett Coleman is far from a doom and gloom sort of person. Of course, up to now, there has been little handed to him that he hasn't yet been able to handle. He has the love and support of home, of his younger brother, and as a close family unit, he has the feeling that anything really is possible. He enjoys life, enjoys the mysteries held within, and is game to move forward, looking for opportunities that present themselves.

What he is not, however, is a poster boy for shifter-dom. He isn't a die-hard, placard carrying supporter for 'his kind'. He's not a fighter for 'right', though he won't back down from a challenge. He much prefers words over physical, logic and reason over brute force. Brett is not so stupid, however, not to realize that everything has their place and time.


Name Race Relation Notes
Corey shifter brother Best friend and confidante. While we're living our own lives, there is still time found for a movie or a night out.
Mignonette psychic friend? Ms. Savoy is intriguing. Intelligent, witty, extremely capable— and so very out of my league.
Abbey were friend? Ms Wallace did a great job on the truck, and there is no doubt I'll be going back.
Michael vampire friend? Sad to say, but outside my brother, he's the closest thing I have to a friend. If a vampire could be one, of course. Work apparently kept my attention for far too long!
Desiree human acquaintance Very, very attractive.. and puzzling. Another waaaay out of my league.
Summer shifter Dating! A very nice girl. One that I could easily bring home to mother. She gets along with Cor, too.
Ronnie vampire acquaintance Looney vampire that's latched herself onto Corey, figuratively speaking. Not going to be her pet!

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
When It Rains... April 3, 2010 April 3, 2005 Abbey's getting ready to close up for the day. Brett, Mignonette and Penny all decide to come in at exactly the same time.
Touch Pool April 4, 2010 April 4, 2005 Brett, Abbey and Mignonette run into each other at the Aquarium. Sea urchins, mustard and a slushy all figure into the mix.
Mob Rules April 5, 2010 April 5, 2005 Koreatown is not exempt from the panic gripping the city as a result of the wolf attacks. Brett, Michael, Desiree, Josephine and Paige can all attest to that.
A Walk in the Park April 5, 2010 April 5, 2005 Mignonette is out on a doggy date. The potential duo run into Brett and company at Kidd Spring Park.
Chat Over Coffee April 6, 2010 April 6, 2005 Why wouldn't a vampire relax over coffee in a coffee house? Michael and Brett share a brief chat about the current goings-on.
Don't forget its shedding season! April 7, 2010 April 7, 2005 Brett comes in to pick up his truck after a call from Abbey to tell him it's done. As they talk, hidden truths come out. Brian shows up and Abbey agrees to show him more of Dallas.
Vampires, who knew? April 12, 2010 April 12, 2005 Brett seeks advice from Michael and learns more about vampires than he expected.

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