Portrayed by Gerard Butler
Fullname Ronan "Brian" Connelly
Birthday April 2nd
Species Werewolf
Age 33
Height 6'0"
Weight 170 lbs.
Eyes Blue-Green
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Dallas Dispatch Editor

Claim to Fame

Brian has done a lot of freelance photography work for Discovery and National Geographic. He's also the new Editor (Chief Editor) of the Dallas Dispatch. Because the newspaper doesn't have very many reporters on payroll, B' also does a majority of the articles.


Brian was born in Inverness, Scotland to his mother Gabriella and his father Ben. He was born Ronan Brian Connelly, and he was born a werewolf. The Highlands for Brian were home sweet home and the perfect place for his childhood. He grew up learning about the scottish highland culture, about his religion (his mother was very religious) and his mother taught him Scottish Gaelic. The family were apart of a very Gaelic centered pack. While his parents were nothing of rank they were still highly respected. Aside from his school soccer team, B' spent a lot of time with the pack youths, those both older and younger then him. Due to this large 'family' and constent contact Brian wasn't afraid when his first changes began at a young age; well, THAT afraid.

Being a were never hindered his childhood but then highschool was never easy anyway. Brian grew up as one of the 'popular' kids, playing soccer up until his senior year and running with his packs other youngsters even in school - making smaller youth packs. Brian was a sort of a ring leader and he and his friends in school were sometimes referred to as bullys; like a gang. He was an average student, much to his mothers dismay, but things like sports and girls seemed more important at the time.

When it came time to start college Brian jumped into it without a second thought. It was a chance to get out from under his parents ever watchful gaze. A lot of his friends were left behind but his packmates still stuck by his side, at least those who also joined him for school. He continued to play soccer and take classes here and there never really settling on a degree, just taking classes to take them. As young males tempers often go he had a short one and him and another packmate got in a scuffle one late night over a girl. He took the next week of classes off to return home and receive a verbal tounge lashing from his parents as well as disaproving frowns from the elder packmates.

It was in this week that Brian discovered he loved photography. Taking pictures of his homelands, the Highlands, he found comfort and relaxation. When he returned to school he took a few photography classes and got his degree though it didn't just stop there. He found himself, so to say, in his picture taking. Not just stopping at photography alone Brian started looking into PI work. It came easily, much to his surprise, and after getting his PI license soon found that 'Freelance Photography' had a broad range of meanings to it. Brian began taking photos for his local magazines and newspaper (as well as helping them dig all the juicey secrets out about the political figures they liked to cover), eventually expanding to freelancing for Discovery and National Geographic (though NG was only for a brief period of time).

Brian's photography and PI work took him all over the globe. It was hard leaving the pack but they agreed, as well as his parents, that he should get out on his own for a time, after all he was always welcome home whenever he wanted. Brian has traveled and lived in various places for short as well as extended periods of time. The experiences have molded him to be a man who watches his world and appreciates the little things he has. He's never been settled down long enough to start a life that involves others but perhaps this time will be different.

Work and various tips have landed the scotsman in Dallas.

Character Details

Brian is a rather quiet man, not shy just simply a listener. He would rather observe then get involved. He isn't as religious as his mother had been but he still hangs on to some of her traits - like be careful cause he might just be real and watching. B' can have sort of a temper and a short fuse though he's been working on his patience with people. At the same time he's quick with a witty word and loves his one liners. The man is very loyal to those he considers friend and very forward about his dislike to those he considers foe. Once you get past his shell the man opens up like someone you've known your entire life and while he won't admit it he loves company and hates being alone.

Likes: The color green, Mozzerella String Cheese, Mt Dew, books and ESPN.

Dislikes: Nail Tapping, Cats, the taste of onions, having his personal space invaded and Infomercials.


Name Race Relation Notes
Mignonette Savoy Psychic Friend Second person B' met in Dallas at the pizza place threw Abbey. He silently thinks there's more below her 'all business' exterior; and they've become good friends. They had a blast at the park and he finds himself slightly protective of the woman.
Ashley 'Cooper' Enders Psychic Met In Passing Brian "met" her at the aquarium; knows her as the out-of-it blonde girl.

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Title Artist Feeling
Never Enough Five Finger Death Punch Insecure
Wolf Like Me TV On the Radio Wolf
Nothin' On You B.O.B. Love


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