Portrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Fullname James Edward Cabot
Birthday May 27th, 1837
Species Vampire
Age 168 (37)
Height 6'2"
Weight 180
Eyes Blue
Hair Dirty Blond
Occupation Drifter

Claim to Fame

Cabot's a bit of a drifter, having wandered the United States since he was turned, picking and choosing where he would stay and for how long. He has spent a considerable amount of time in New York City, Chicago, LA, Baton Rouge, Richmond, Knoxville and Savannah, among other places, so it's possible that well-traveled vamps may have run into him somewhere before.

He arrives in Dallas with his newly-turned progeny, soliciting the approval of the local vampire hegemons that the pair of them might hang around a while and see what happens.


James Edward Cabot is a descendant of the distinguished Cabot clan, one of the prominent first families of Boston. Born in 1837 to a father devoted to politics, he knew a life of fierce patriotism and priviledge. He was a middle son, and was educated well, following his father's footsteps to Harvard College until the clash of North and South saw him withdrawing to enlist in the Yankee army. Such was the beginning of a successful military career, one that spanned the nearly six years of campaigns and battles that waged before the Confederacy's eventual capitulation. Cabot's education and good breeding made him a fine officer, and when the fighting was over, he had an easy in as a statesman back home. Instead, he decided to leave his native Boston in favor of making his fortune in New York, by then the biggest city in the entire country.

New York is where he met his maker, a Parisian songstress whose evening performances he was soon attending three or four nights a week. Their affair was the subject of gossip among New York's elite, Margaux being something of a society darling, albeit one with a big secret. A secret Cabot was soon complicit in keeping, thanks in no small part to the rich French blood he regularly found himself drunk on, courtesy of his vampiric vixen. Herself already three centuries old by then, Margaux was a fresh arrival in the new world, and chose Cabot for her companion.

After she turned him, they spent six years in each other's company, until she inexplicably parted ways with him one summer night. Their bond had begun to grow tense, as they inevitably do between maker and progeny, but Cabot was devastated to have been left to his own devices. Embittered, he spent the next few decades traveling the country, now and then finding a vampiric enclave whose King or Queen put him to good use, allowing him the luxury of a temporary home. In the midst of these travels, he has crossed paths with Margaux only twice, most recently at the end of the 70s. The pair of them reunited and spent the 80s together in Los Angeles, running with a wild crowd and wreaking havoc on those who got in their way. Rumor has it that it ended terribly for both of them, which is why Cabot has spent the last decade and a half wandering the south solo.

And now? Dallas, with a baby vamp in tow.

Character Details

Cabot has the brand of mercurial personality usually reserved for thirteen year old girls, alternating between being serious, flippant, sardonic, reckless, wiseassed, laconic, facetious, spiteful, fun-loving and dry witted. He tends to have a short fuse in dealing with other vampires still clinging to an "old world mentality" rather than adopting to modern means. It may just be avoidance, but he's only too happy to leave the past in the past and focus on the here and now.


Name Race Relation Notes
Savannah Vampire Progeny This sweet Georgia peach is Cabot's recently-turned progeny, a kitten still cutting her teeth.
The Sheriff Vampire Dubious A sweet sweet beauty, but stone stone cold.
Susan Baker Vampire TBD An acquaintance of some sort.

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Services Offered June 2, 2005 June 2, 2010 Cabot shows up at the Sheriff's estate to offer his services.

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