Portrayed by Anna Netrebko
Fullname Carrielyn Marie Hughes
Birthday March 10
Species Human
Age 36
Height 5'8"
Weight 142 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation club owner

Claim to Fame

Carrielyn own's the Platinum Gentleman's Club, which caters to both humans and vampires alike. If you ask, Carrielyn will happily reveal that she is a distant (which the emphasis on distant) relative of the late Howard Hughes.


Carrielyn Marie Hughes was born on March 10, 1974, to Wesley and Deborah Hughes, at St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. She was actually raised in Humble, Texas. As with many Texas families, Carrielyn can name at least one famous relative. Her father always told her they were related to Howard Hughes (second cousin, twice removed). Unfortunately, this Hughes family never inherited any of the famous fortune. Wesley was an offshore oil rigger, and Deborah a real estate agent.

Character Details

Carrielyn is an easy going person. It takes quite a bit to make her angry, and she tends to look the other way when there are minor problems in her life. There is a little shell around her life, and she’s happy to live inside it, most of the time. She still talks to her ex-husband, Michael, and remains on platonic terms with her ex-in laws. She tends to have boyfriends or casual dating scenarios fairly often, but no committed relationships. Friendly towards strangers, Carrielyn doesn’t attract close friends.


Name Race Relation Notes
Deborah Hughes Human Mother They are fairly close. Carrielyn speaks to her at least once a week by phone, and they email back and forth. Deborah visits, but is still faintly horrified that her baby girl owns a strip club.
Wesley Hughes Human Father Carrielyn generally speaks to him on holidays, when she visits, and on their birthdays. They don’t have much in common. He doesn’t like the strip club idea either.
Brenton Hughes Human Brother Used to be close. Brenton didn’t approve of the divorce, since Michael is still one of his best friends. They only speak on an occasional basis.
Johnny Hughes Human Brother Carrielyn and Johnny are only sixteen months apart, and have been close their entire lives. Johnny lives in Allen, and they see each other often. Carrielyn is the only one in the family that still talks to Johnny, for two reasons. He’s gay, and he’s a fangbanger.

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