Celia McBride
Portrayed by Scarlett Johansson
Fullname Celia Lynn McBride
Birthday January 1
Species Human
Age 23
Height 5'3"
Weight 115 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Drifter/Odd-jobs

Claim to Fame

Celia has moved around from city to city for quite a few years. She was a dancer in Vegas for a short time, and has done various jobs in small town bars from here to LA. Currently she may be recognizable from visiting various stores, bars, and clubs inquiring about jobs.


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Celia has been in Dallas for a very short time, and it is not likely that she will be recognized.

Character Details

Celia is a very confident, carefree person. She definitely enjoys her freedom, and also enjoys the effect she seems to have upon men, working this to her advantage a great deal of the time. She's never been the shy type, always willing to strike up a conversation, and could be considered fairly fearless. She's a solid individual, believing that there's no one better to lean on than yourself.

As far as Vampires go, she's had little contact with them. She's never really frequented Vampire bars or clubs, but has always had a perking interest in them. She just hopes they can be influenced like any others.


Name Race Relation Notes
Cerina McBride Human Mother Cerina and Celia were close for a very short period of Celia's life. Cerina taught Celia the life lessons she clings tightly to, but they haven't seen each other in some years.
Simon Rodguer Human Father Celia has never met her father, but Simon does know she exists. He left when Celia was just a few months old and has never looked back. Neither have any real desire to find each other.
Christina McBride Human Grandmother Christina did most of Celia's raising, taking her when Cerina left. They were never very close and both just really existed together. Neither of them have spoken in nearly 10 years.
Travis McBride Human Grandfather Travis also helped to raise Celia a great deal. Celia was closer to him than Christina, but as Celia grew they spent less and less time together. Celia and her grandfather have not spoken since she left.
Matthew Toven Human Ex-Boyfriend When Celia was passing through LA with her mother, she happened upon Matt. He was Celia's first and only long-term relationship and it was when she was left by her mother that she decided to stay with Matt. Celia left him after 3 years, when he proposed to her, and he's been making an effort ever since to find her.

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