Stephen Chance
Portrayed by Ryan Reynolds
Full Name Stephen Edward Chance
Aliases Chance, Eddie, Luck, Stevie
Birthday 6 July, 1980
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada
Species Psychic
Powers Telepathy
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 24
Height 6'0" (1.83m)
Weight 177 lbs (80.30 kg)
Blood Type AB+
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Businessman, Grifter, Owner and President of Sub Rosa, Professional Poker Player
Resources Well-Off

Claim to Fame

"The rich and the powerful, they take what they want. They have all the power and they use it to make people like you go away. Allow me to steal back your power; because sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. I provide… leverage."


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To most people out there, Stephen Chance is just another passing name. There's nothing important about him or his story. Yet, this is merely to most people. Out of the entire population and out of the entirety of approximations and calculations, he has the gift to turn wrongs into rights and thoughts into his gain. It helps that he grew up in a dishonest little world full of dishonest little people.

Character Details

Smooth, confident, intelligent, they are three adjectives that accurately portray Stephen Chance. He's personable and a social butterfly, so to speak, with the innate ability to manipulate words and emotions around him. He's both kind and humble, at times, passionate and irrevocably charming at others. Then again, these are only two facets of a labyrinthine mind and his job requires multiple personality-types. He keeps himself locked away and at a distance from most anyone. Still, Mister Chance prides himself in being mentally sharp, lest he become dull or worst yet allow paranoia to rule his mind as it falls to insanity.

He is a driven man and aims to excel in any pursuits that catch his fancy. He is manipulative in all situations, wanting control and power over conversation and persons around him. Violence is shunned, but only to a limit. When he draws a line, he draws a line and holds to it. Fascinated is he when it comes to the supernatural world. He was once labeled a vampire, now he wants to see how they tick beyond myths and legends. The greed for knowledge is a vice and he accepts it.


Name Relation Description
Bailey Acquaintance "I think she called me stupid, girly, and fat all in twenty minutes. That aside, I do like her Den of Sin, I guess."

On-Grid Jobs

Premise Conclusion
The mother of a slain son goes to Chance after a referral to his company Sub Rosa. She wants to see Savoy & Savoy burn for what they did. The story goes like this: They represented her son's murderer. There was fairly damning evidence but then the killer was found innocent of all charges and promptly released. Louisiana is a bad idea, since it's Savoy & Savoy's headquarters, he instead targets Mignonette as a source of insider information. This is currently an ongoing job for Chance.

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
The Cajun Angel:The Gamble April 10, 2010 April 10, 2005 Chance calls a meeting with Mignonette and puts his cards on the table. Bets are laid. It's up to Mignonette to play or fold.

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