Chloe Cornett
Portrayed by ISLA FISHER
Fullname Chloe Abigail Cornett
Nickname CeeCee
Birthday November 16
Species Psychic
Age 22
Height 5'5"
Weight 119 lbs.
Eyes Hazel
Hair Reddish-Blonde
Occupation Librarian
IC Journal Chloe's Conundrums

Claim to Fame

Chloe was the loner in high school. The girl who could've been the prom queen had she put forth the effort, but kept herself just on the outskirts of any and all social circles. Until recently. Now she can be found on the arm of the most prominent vampire in all of Texas.


Character Details

As the middle child, Chloe has a few issues. Mostly, she's learned to deal with these, but she tends not to like a whole lot of attention. Thanks to her telepathy, she enjoys avoiding people and is happiest on her own.

She's not an awful person though. She can be friendly if she maintains the mind-numbing medication that they began her on several years ago. She approaches new situations cautiously, mainly because she's unsure how each new incident will press against her mind, and her "curse" is not something she wants to suffer through again. No more mumbling in corners. No way, no how.

She is pretty much on the fence when it comes to the Great Revelation. So vampires exist. Who cares? Likely just another jumble of minds she'll have to deal with. Something she is very much not looking forward to, but it doesn't mean she thinks they should all be dead — or truly dead.


Name Species Relation Notes
Robert Witch Brother The person who Chloe is the closest to in her family.
Mellie Human Sister Annoying little brat fangbanger, regardless, Chloe tries to love her. Has moved to California.
Laura Werewolf Mother Laura was bitten by a werewolf during an attack on her home. Chloe was never close to either parent, but she's been trying to fix the relationship with her mother while she adjusts to the changes.
Charles Human Father (D) Never really close to him, but misses him now that he's gone.
Hope Human Sister-in-Law It's not 'official' as of yet, but Hope will soon be her sister-in-law.


Title Theme/Dedication Lyrics
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle General/Life Theme "It just takes some time, little girl, you're in the middle of the ride. Everything, everything will be just fine, Everything, everything will be alright.
Bjork - Human Behavior Telepathy "If you ever get close to a human, and human behaviour, be ready to get confused."
The Bird And The Bee - What's In the Middle Telepathy "I must empty my skull of all this useless chatter."
Katy Perry - Mannequin Will/Feelings "How do I get closer to you, when you keep it all on mute? How will I know the right way to love you?"
She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here Mischa "Why do you let me stay here, all by myself?"
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle Love "But that's the way that it goes, and it's what nobody knows, well every day my confusion grows."
Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle Family "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you."
Lykke Li - Tonight Love "I dry my eye, dry my eye, falling deeper by the hour. Dry my eye, dry my eye, dry my eye, don't let me fall deeper now…"
Heart - Alone Love "Til now, I always got by on my own. I never really cared until I met you. And now it chills me to the bone. How do I get you alone?"

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