Portrayed by Oded Fehr
Fullname Preston James Masters
Birthday November 23, 1968
Species Werewolf
Age 36
Height 6'1"
Weight 185 lbs
Eyes Light Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Muea Tseena Pack Beta
MTP Website The Werewolves' Den

Claim to Fame

Ex-gang banger with Los Perros Rojos street gang. To those in the know, now Beta and chief enforcer of the Muea Tseena Pack.


Character Details


Name Race Relation Notes
Eli Donato Werewolf Father Figure Eli's the Alpha of the MTP. He also saved my tail. I owe him.
Abbey Wallace Werewolf Rogue Acquaintance A rogue I've been told to keep an eye on and get to know better.
Leigh Rossum Werewolf Acquaintance Daughter of a northern pack's Alpha. We're supposed to play nice with her. So far, it's not been too hard.
Jesse Archer Psychic Acquaintance Son of a guy that used to be friends with the Pack. Kid stopped in to tell us the old man's gone rogue and to watch our backs. Not a bad kid. Seer. Should probably listen when he starts asking odd questions and making odder predictions.

Player Notes:

Being Pack Beta, as far as I'm concerned, comes with OOC responsibilities as well as IC responsibilities. Chief among them is getting my tail out onto the grid to RP with anyone that wants it. (Just 'cause I'm antisocial ICly, doesn't mean I'm that way OOCly… or that I can't find some reason for the wolfman to be out on the town.) Thus, feel free to page me or get on chan in-game, if you want a scene.

Also, one of the projects I've taken on is sorting out the IC history of the Pack. So, if you have information you think would be helpful, please let me know. Page, @mail, or moc.liamg|ptm5ocnic#liame is fine.

Finally, if you're not part of the Pack, but want to become associated with it somehow, let me know. I'm sure we can find some way to make it work.

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Fetch! June 5, 2010 June 5, 2005 Cinco comes out of the woods in Kidd Park, only to discover Abbey and her pup sitting by the lake.
Quizzed Over Caffeine June 6, 2010 June 6, 2005 Cinco stops for coffee at the Bean Scene, where he runs into both Leigh and Abbey. The former gives him a message to pass on to Donato. The latter finds herself the focus of an impromptu interview by the MTP Beta.
Right Don't Mean Easy June 17, 2010 June 17, 2005 Jesse finds his way into the Grisly Bar to give the Pack a heads-up about his rogue father. Cinco promises to let Eli know.
El Lobo Negros June 22, 2010 June 22, 2005 Jesse and Cinco tangle with a bunch of gangbangers near the Projects.
WARNING: Very coarse language.
OOC NOTE: Police and Journalist characters should contact Cinco (page or @mail) for information on what details are available to them.
Pack Hunt June 23, 2010 June 23, 2005 On the night of the full moon, the pack and other two-natured head out to the scrublands for a little hunting.

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