Portrayed by Matthew Goode
Fullname Clarence Duke
Birthday November 18, 1844
Species Vampire
Age 161 (29)
Height 6'2"
Weight 180lbs
Eyes Dark brown almost black
Hair Brown
Occupation Bodyguard/Hirling

Claim to Fame

An ex-Swiss Guard, his ability in hand to hand, and miltary tactics is a good skill to have, as he offers his skill as Bodyguard to fellow vampires.


Born into the upper echelons of society in 1844 Zurich, Clarence lived a life of privilege his early years filled of tutors from around the continent, teaching him and his brother’s languages, the fine art of reading and writing. Yet upon reaching his teenage years, he started to cause problems, being the youngest of the three, was constantly looking for attention and he knew that whatever he couldn’t weasel his way out of his parents would pay for the other party to drop the case. Yet upon his 17th birthday his parents had grown quiet irrigated with his constant behavior, and bring the family name into disrepute, they decided to enlist him in the Swiss Military, and with much fighting on his part, he was finally forced to join the ranks. Yet it seems that what he needed, from a house where he could basically get away with murder, the new life of a strict discipline and route actually suited the young man. He was slowly turning into a fine soldier, and one day possible an officer.

Upon completion of his three years basic training, and his devout background as a catholic, Clarence was soon marching towards Rome, to join the Swiss Guard, to help with the guarding of his religious leader, Pope Pious IX. So for the next five years he excelled at the position, honing his art of combat, and even slowly raising up within the ranks, learning not only the art of combat , but the subtly of hand to hand combat as well as tactical aspect of battle too. With his growing prestige within the guard, and his reputation his life was slowly turning back on the way he used to be, his appetite for woman growing, as he slowly persuade them while out of uniform.

Yet one night taking a woman that he shouldn’t have, a noble’s daughter someone with power within Rome, he life changed forever. She called it rape, and with that a quick trail followed, he had brought the guard into disrepute, and therefore was shunned by them, his parents shunning him too, knowing that no money they could offer would silence this woman. Yet because of his standing within the guard, and his parents in Zurich, he was allowed a little lenience, instead of a public execution, he was offered the indignity of being castrated.

Losing himself, he quickly fled Rome one night, not wanting to be seen as the monster people believe him to be, as he slowly wandered around the country side, moving further north into Europe, and it was during his time in France that he meet his maker, a female that seemed to have a heart, if at least a dead one, seeing a lost confused man, she thought he’d be able to help him. But upon his transformation he continued to hate himself, and especially those around him, his relationship with his maker tense, and fraught with fighting, and constant disagreements. So as soon as he’d been shown the basic, his maker let him go, leaving him to fend for himself, still fighting with his inner demons.

Slowly moving back and forth through Europe, Clarence kept mainly to himself, not wanting others to meet this half man vampire, that he felt he was, yet slowly as the century changed he started to accept himself, and with a new century, he felt like a new change, sailing over to America, as he slowly moved through the states, feeding and keeping to himself, but like proper protocol requested he made his presence know to the Queen or King of the area, and with his military background, he slowly started to hire himself out in service to anyone that needed his services or skill, slowly making a name for himself, as the Millennium occurred and the world did not end, he continues to live in the service of others, until at least with the Great Revealation he found himself in Dallas, preferring to stay within the safety of other Vampires, he decided to stay making his services available to the sheriff of the area.

Character Details

From before he was changed he still bares many traits from that time, yet it took some time after what had happened to him and his changing for him to remember them, he is respectful to a point to those older than him, yet he offers fidelity, and obedience to those that hire him. Yet what he gives he also expects in return. From his mental state upon his turning, it is still a very sore point what had happened to him, thus his temper is known to flare up on occasions, this being both a good thing and bad thing depending on who it is aimed at. Yet he prefers to remain in the shadows, being a bodyguard requires patience, and ability to survey things happening around him, and he is very good at blending into the background.


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