Portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Fullname Connor Widcombe
Birthday June 25
Species Vampire
Age 45(22)
Height 5'11"
Weight 175lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Database Consultant

Claim to Fame

The unassuming and somewhat introverted, brooding vampire who does his best to retain as normal of an existence as he can be afforded. This doesn't however stop him from using his vampiric powers to his advantage.


Connor had a typical childhood. House with a lawn, white picket fence, a cat and a dog. He was a quiet and withdrawn child, spending hours playing with Legos and helping his mother bake pies in the kitchen. He was not a particularly outgoing or athletic child, instead focusing his attention on his schoolwork. His not-so-masculine nature put him at odds with both his father and older brother who were cut from the same cloth; sturdy young men who enjoyed all sports, camping trips, and wood work. It was a large point of contention in his childhood; no matter how many good marks Connor got, Paul and Richard never seemed very impressed.

Connor went through school without many friends at all and upon graduating from high school, found himself a bit adrift. He moved away from home and started living in the dorms. He met his first true love in college; a girl named Amy. It was by sheer luck that he got invited to a party she was going to attend. The two were introduced and surprisingly hit it off. They went somewhere quiet, and you know the rest of the story. …Except that it didn't go quite according to plan. During a playful dance, Amy tripped and hit her head on the corner of a dresser. The blow was enough to knock her unconscious. Connor only made matters worse when he tried to clumsily (and a little drunkenly) staunch the bleeding. Instead he ended up making it worse. The head wound was bad enough that the girl perished.

Distraught over the loss of Amy and outcast by many of her popular friends, Connor dropped out of college. He would frequently contemplate suicide. Until Jeremiah found him. Jeremiah was Connor's only friend. The boy thought it peculiar that they should only meet at night, but Jeremiah understood. He GOT him. Connor and Jeremiah were nigh on inseparable for a few months before Jeremiah decided that it was time.

Jeremiah pitched the idea of becoming a vampire to Connor in a way he knew he couldn't refuse: logically and scientifically. Connor was turned a short time afterward. It was a large adjustment for Connor — someone who had never had so much strength and power. The girls that he met were so very…breakable. Too breakable. He broke several of them on accident. Never on purpose though. During the time after Connor became a vampire, he also discovered that he was missing some interesting aspects of being a vampire. He didn't have the ability to glamour those as Jeremiah and others did. It was something that Connor felt of no consequence, although he did now and again clamor for that power. There was also a power that neither man had banked on the fledgling having: Connor wasn't devoid of color as were his brethren. He retained a healthy glow that left many to believe he was still alive.

The revelation was when things really changed between the two. Connor and Jeremiah had differing ideas about how they should proceed with their 'lives'. Jeremiah began a steady regimen of partying and being a little more reckless than Connor would have liked. Connor on the other hand stuck to the shadows and took comfort in the life of a homebody. The two remained with each other until Jeremiah's hard partying ways drove a rift between them. Both joined the American Vampire League together, but eventually Connor and Jeremiah went their separate ways, Connor settling down in New Jersey for sometime as a database consultant before he grew to miss his comraderie with the other vampire. After going on a wild goose chase to find his maker, Connor has been lead to Dallas. He's still searching vigilantly for the one person who understood him.

Character Details

Connor isn't exactly the happiest of fellows. He is generally brooding and deep in thought. He is a creature of routine and order, becoming quite disgruntled when someone should disrupt his careful planning. Beyond that, Connor has a dark sense of humor and wry wit that developed only after his death and rebirth. In life Connor was an innocent, naive down to his very core. Now he's been around for quite some time and has become hardened and jaded to the world around him. It takes a special person or situation to make him smile or even laugh. Connor is at his best when he's alone. He's not particularly good at talking to other people, but he's by no means socially inept. He's just out of touch with many things — a bit of a nerd. Connor respects and upholds most laws and regulations, vampire and human alike. He tends to see things in black and white with very little grey in between. There are certain principalities that he would bend upon in the most extreme circumstances.


Name Race Relation Notes
Jeremiah Vampire Maker/best friend My only true friend or family. I miss him, and he's the entire reason I'm in Dallas. Where are you?


Song/Artist Theme/Dedication Lyrics
Again & Again by The Bird and The Bee Girls "You're so stupid and perfect, so stupid and perfect, I hate you I want you I hate you again."
A Winter's Sky by The Pipettes General "Unsure of what to do and lacking in imagination, he said hello."
Lions and Tigers by Asobi Seksu Other vampires "All of their open smiles just sit and wait to sing a brutal song."
Love In A Trashcan by The Raveonettes Girls "She's the coolest girl you think you ever met. I think she fits right into my life, on the road 'til the end of time."
Monster by Lady Gaga General "That boy is a monster."
Sleep Alone by Bat For Lashes Jeremiah "A lonely spell to conjure you, but conjure Hell is all I do."
The Companion by Mary Onettes Jeremiah "Is it my own reflection I see if you take the weight off, take the weight off me? "
Too Little Too Late by Metric Jeremiah/Vampirism "Too little too late, but we don't say no."


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