Portrayed by Olivia Wilde
Fullname Ashley Cooper Enders
Birthday March 7
Species Psychic
Age 23
Height 5'8"
Weight 136
Eyes Blue
Hair (Dyed) Blonde
Occupation Bartender - Drug Dealer - Psychic

Claim to Fame

Cooper is fairly well-known in the city of Dallas for her multiple roles in society. She's something of a one stop shop. She is the waitress at the bar who most men flock to see, often wearing the shortest shorts and the shirts exposing the most cleavage. She is a self-proclaimed psychic with a considerably good reputation, who, for a sizable fee, will read your palms or look into a crystal ball for you once she's off-shift. And, she just so happens to be a dealer of less-than-legal substances. So you can go to her to get drunk, learn your future, and grab some dope or V to cope with your pathetic, meaningless existence! Yay, convenience!


Character Details

Cooper is, simply put, explosive. She is extremely passionate, extremely opinionated, and extremely outgoing. She experiences the highest highs, the lowest lows, and makes sure everyone around her goes along for the ride as well. Highly impulsive, she gives little thought to her actions and their repercussions beforehand, preferring to react to circumstances as they come. That is, except when it comes to her money. Shrewd in the way old spinsters can be, she is particularly careful with her finances and her professional life, refusing to be taken advantage of and going out of her way to make sure that everyone knows that. She is not particularly ambitious so much as idealistic: she wants better for herself, but doesn't take any of the steps necessary to move on in life. Also, she is quite brash. She enjoys being noticed and doesn't care what she is noticed for, who cares if everyone thinks she's crazy? At least they're thinking about her. Finally, she is not a very trusting person in nature. The ability to read minds kind of robs you of your optimism for the human race. After hearing so many cruel, self-serving, and downright disturbing inner desires, she rather stick with herself, and has developed a fairly solitary nature.


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Date With The Night by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Lifestyle "I got a date with the night…Just take a bite/no hangin', no picture/Flyin' out of my sight/droppin' brides at the altar/Both Thighs squeeze tight."
Le Disko by The Shiny Toy Guns Lifestyle "It's a chance, gonna move/gonna fuck up your ego/silly boy, gonna make you cry/Now hold on to me pretty baby/If you want to fly/I’m gonna melt the fever sugar/Rolling back your eyes"

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