Portrayed by Justin Hartley
Fullname Corey Damon Coleman
Birthday January 29, 1980
Species Shifter
Age 25
Height 6'3"
Weight 175 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Building Contractor

Claim to Fame

Corey's been hired by the city to help oversee and work on some of the inner city rejuvenation projects.


Ask Corey Coleman where he was born and he'll give you a casual shrug. "What's it matter? I'm here. That's what counts." Then, he'll flash that charming farmboy-turns-cityboy smile at you and change the subject. Truth is, though, he doesn't actually know. He *assumes* it was Houston, 'cause that's where he grew up. But, who really knows? It is, however, about the only thing about himself he doesn't know. He was six months old when he came to be adopted by Molly and Simon Coleman. If you ask him who his parents are, that's who he'll name.

The facts are these: Corey's birth parents were both pureblooded shifters. What happened to them, none of the Colemans actually know. But through the shifter grapevine, Simon and Molly got wind of a youngster born to shifter parents that was now in danger of being buried in the CAS system. This, they realized, wasn't necessarily the ideal spot for a kid that might someday sprout fur, or feathers, and a tail… nevermind potential fangs and claws. So, for all that they had a newborn of their own at home, they applied to adopt the little fellow. By the time he was six months old, Corey was offically a Coleman and Brett, no more than three months his elder, officially had a baby brother.

His childhood was a happy one. Simon and Molly were both grounded, down-to-earth people. They accepted each boy as individuals, never demanding that one be like the other, only that each do their best in all things. It was just as well. Of the two of them, Corey was definitely the more physical. His childhood was an endless succession of athletic activities and boyish scrapes, cuts, and bruises. Oh, and for years he lorded it over his brother that, while Brett was a tree in their grade three class play, Corey got to be a dog… "And you know what dogs do to trees!" Not, mind, that he fared any better when it came to handling puberty and the opposite sex. He just had the advantage of being the "jock" in the family, which was otherwise a bunch of academics and geeks… albeit creative ones. (His mother, Molly, was an art teacher; his father, Simon, worked for IBM.)

To say he was an indifferent student isn't true. He was a solid student, usually with B's and B+'s when he applied himself. His problem was that academics didn't overly interest him. Oh, he got the concepts quickly enough. The boy's not stupid. He simply found it difficult to care about stuff that he couldn't apply practically. He was great with his hands, however, always tinkering and building things. What started out as a fondness for building blocks in kindergarten developed into a full-blown, epic collection of Lego and Meccano by the time he was in high school. It was the one thing that helped him fit in with his geeky family, really. He loved to build.

Brett experienced his first shift earlier than Corey. It was probably the one time in his life that Corey was actually jealous of his brother. It was also the only time he felt like he didn't belong in the family. That Molly and Simon were shifters was something the boys had known since a very early age. Indeed, they were thoroughly schooled in shifter realities, even while they were told that the gift was unpredictable. There was no guarantee either of them would inherit the ability — especially Corey, since the Colemans had no idea if his parents had more than one child and if he was the one with the activated gene or not. Even so, the pair were taught everything they could be taught about the gift. For them, being a shifter wasn't something to be feared, it was something to be respected. Sure, they had to hide it from the rest of humanity, but that was more sensible precaution than a mark of shame.

So, when Brett slunk home after his first change, well after the truck had been towed and his parents had to pull it out of impound, Corey teased him mercilessly about his "joyride". That… and the fact Brett could easily have ended up an armadillo, instead of a coyote. Now, years later, it's become something of an in-joke between the two of them. Over the years, Corey's ensured Brett has a prodigious collection of armadillo-related goods — including Dill, a giant stuffed armadillo Corey won for him at a county fair the summer between high school and college. (In fact, he pissed off his girlfriend at the time by denying her the gift in favor of giving it to his brother, instead.)

Corey's own change happened six or eight months after Brett's. He'd grabbed Brett and told him, full moon or not, they were going camping for a week. Besides, what better place for Brett to stretch his furry legs than in the woods, right? Corey figured he'd mind the campsite while his brother went furry. And hey… if he happened to go furry in the process himself, what did it matter? As long as he didn't turn into a squirrel.

Truthfully, he didn't actually figure there was much hope of him turning into anything… squirrel or otherwise. So, after Brett had gone off to 'do the deed', as it were, he found himself bouncing restlessly about the campsite all alone. So, he went for a hike to burn off some excess energy. Well, he burned off *lots* of energy. The next day, Brett found him, passed him an extra pair of jeans, and said, "C'mon, Skippy. Time to go home." (As in: Skippy the Squirrel, chipper nephew to Animanics' curmudgeony Slappy the Squirrel… Though, in fact, Corey had transformed into a catamount of the lynx variety.)

Beyond high school, Corey thought about becoming an architectural engineer. He applied to Rice University, in Houston, and got himself a BA, focusing on architecture. But, his GPA was fairly mundane. Too, tuition was expensive. Many of the odd jobs he kept to afford it were on build sites, apprenticing as a carpenter and builder. Thus, by the time he'd graduated from Rice, it only took a few more months of study to get himself licensed as a building contractor. So, that's now how he pays the bills. Sure, he'd still like to actually become an architect, one day, but that's expensive. And it means an awful lot of school. So, for now, contracting seems like a pretty good gig to him. His schedule's flexible and his work takes him all over. With talk of rejuvenating the inner city, Dallas seemed like a pretty good place to relocate. Add to it the fact Brett found himself a job there, and Corey figured it was damn near perfect.

Someone's gotta keep him outta trouble, after all.

Character Details

Corey Coleman is a fairly upbeat sort of person. He's had very little angst in his life and grew up in a supportive environment, surrounded by a tight-knit, adoptive family that never made him feel anything but like he was their own flesh and blood. As a result, he's one of those enviable people whose laid-back confidence comes from knowing who he is, where he's from, and more-or-less where he's going.

Having said that, while he can be entirely charming — in a roguish, boy-next-door sort of way — he's very forthright about what he thinks and feels. There's no duplicity in him at all, even when he tries. What you see is what you get, when it comes to Corey. He's as honest as the day is long and as upstanding as any red-blooded American boy.

That's not to say that he's a saint. Far from it. He does have a tendency, on occasion, to leap before he looks — much to his brother's chagrin, no doubt. Too much talk bores him, unless his passion's engaged in it somehow. He's much happier *doing*, rather than *waiting*. He's no activist or paragon, not the type to fight for underdogs just because they're underdogs or to carry a cause just because its a good cause. But, that doesn't mean he won't fight when he needs to. He was raised to be fair-minded, open-handed, and courteous, and to never do less than his best… so help him God. He treats others as equals and expects to be treated that way in kind.


Name Race Relation Notes Icon
Brett Coleman Shifter Adoptive Brother Brothers and best friends, we've always got each other's back. We sure as hell don't live right on top of each other, though. Every guy's gotta have his own space.
Ronnie Potts Vampire Crazy Friend (with a crush) Corey met Ronnie in Glencoe Park one night. She's decided she likes him. A lot. He's decided she's loopy… but freakin' hilarious and generally as harmless as an insane vampire can be. She wants to claim him for his own protection. He sees her point… but won't concede it.
Michael Isonzo Vampire Passing Acquaintance Corey's only met him once, but Brett knows him.
Abbey Wallace Werewolf Acquaintance Another one of Brett's friends Corey seems to run into occasionally. At least, now, he knows she's a werewolf. That's more than he can say for most anyone else he's met.
Leigh Rossum Werewolf Friend Corey first met her at the aquarium. Since then, they've become friends. He kinda hopes they get friendlier.
Brian Connolly Werewolf Passing Acquaintance Corey's hoping to get the newspaper editor to do a piece on the Projects for him.
Cooper Enders Psychic Passing Acquaintance Far as Corey knows, the teep's nothing more than a crazy V-junkie with more imagination than brains. He's kinda hoping not to run into her kind again.
Summer Houston Shifter Friend She's Brett's girlfriend, and a coyote… and sometime's Corey's partner-in-crime behind his brother's back. It's all good fun.
Toby Houston Shifter Friend Summer's father's taken a shine to both the Coleman boys. Probably because his daughter seems to like them. Corey's great with this fact.
Steve Hawk Human Passing Acquaintance Corey ran into him once at the Renfaire. He used to play 'Captain Sunshine' and was one of Brett's favorites. Much teasing can be had in this. Woot!
Isobel Symon Vampire Passing Acquaintance Corey met her at the renfaire, not knowing who she was or what a vampire sheriff might be… until Leigh told him. Hoo boy! She scares him.
Darcy Pemberly Vampire Passing Acquaintance Rained on Ronnie's parade and threw Corey several feet across the grass the first time they met. God willing, they'll never meet again.
Mia Nakamura Witch Passerby Stopped briefly to see if Corey was alright when Darcy threw him across the grass. Got her memory wiped for her trouble. May or may not remember him in the future.

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
IMPORTANT SRS STUFF(TM) July 9, 2010 July 9, 2005 Corey ends up at the Rock'n'Bowl, where he runs into Ronnie, who has a something very important to discuss with him.
Heat of the Moment July 29, 2010 July 29, 2010 Ronnie interrupts Corey's street dog, only to find herself interrupted by another arrogant vampire… all of which necessitates the appearance of The Sheriff to sort everything and everyone out.

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