Portrayed by DAVE NAVARRO
Fullname Adam Daemon Camedon
Birthday November 18
Species Witch
Age 32
Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Con Man

Claim to Fame

Daemon is new to town and so has yet to make his mark. He's an 'hand-on' student of the occult. He's also a Con Man having run scams throughout New England and along the East Coast.


Daemon Camden was born in Providence, Rhode Island on November 18, 1978. The only son of David and Evelyn Camden, his father was a psychologist with a private practice and his mother a massage therapist. Hippies, pagans and nonconformists, the Camdens had a very liberal household where pretty much anything was allowed. As a result, Daemon was exposed to a diversity of experiences that kids his age normally were not exposed to. Needless to say, Daemon was not your normal child growing up. Though personable and generally liked, he was always a bit of a misfit. An air of the odd and strange hung about him like a cloud. He was always known as “that weird kid” or “that strange guy”. As a young child in grade school, this was a bit of a burden. But being the rebel that he was, instead of lamenting his situation, Daemon embraced it wholeheartedly. If freak he was then freak he would be, in spades. And to that end he started really dressing and acting the part. Affectation in time became lifestyle. If it were weird or esoteric or out of the norm or alternative in anyway, Daemon got involved in it. This included the Occult in which Daemon took particular interest.

Character Details

Con Man, Scam Artist, Swindler, Confidence Man, and Trickster. All these are apt terms to describe Daemon. Basically he's a liar, thief and deceiver who gains people's trust then steals from them. He is selfish and self-interested. He'll tell someone whatever they want to hear, as long as it gets him his objective. He's completely untrustworthy in every sense. He's a show man and is always putting on an actor playing to the crowd. His public persona is almost always a mask of what others expect to see and what Daemon wants them to see. It's just part of his game, a way to manipulate those around him. Daemon has one driving goal in life and that is to acquire power. But he isn't seeking political influence, wealth or social standing but true power: Supernatural Power; Magic; Hocus Pocus; Wonder working and Wizardry; That Voodoo that you do. Heck, he wants it so bad he'd probably sell his soul to get some. He truly believes that by amassing enough arcane power, he can shape his world to suit his own whims, thus getting every other kind of power there is. He truly does believe that magic is the key to the universe.

Despite his less stellar qualities, Daemon has a very inquisitive mind. He is not one to take things at face value and always wants to find out what lies beneath the surface of a thing. This is particularly true of things pertaining to the occult and supernatural. Truly espouses the belief that 'knowledge is power'. The more one knows, the more one can achieve. Given his flippant attitude and lack of gainful employment, his devotion to study and the acquisition of knowledge can be surprising to some. He simply doesn't appear like your typical bookworm or nerd, but appearances are deceiving. As with any good illusion, there is always a hint of the real beneath the fake, truth behind the deception. That's why Daemon can be surprisingly personable and friendly when he wants to be. Usually he only does so to further his own agenda or to worm his way into someone's confidence. However there are those rare occasions where his gentility rises to the surface and he shows himself to be a likeable human being despite himself. Because everyone loves the roguish knave, even when they are fully aware that he is tricking them. It is all part of the charm.


Name Race Relation Notes
David Camden Human Father Psychologist & avowed nonconformist, he was too busy for a family.
Evelyn Camden Human Mother A massage therapist, hippy and pagan, she ran a very 'nontraditional' home.
Amelia Lanier Witch Partner-in-crime Elemental witch and one third of the 'Terrible Trio'. She is fiery and flamboyant; a true femme fatale.
Will Herbet Witch Partner-in-crime A powerful warder, Will is the brains of the group. He is very bookish and pedantic. He's the power behind the throne.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Waffles make strange bedfellows June 25 2005 June 25 2010 Todd runs into a new face in town who doesn't hesitate ingratiating himself into the former's good graces.
Mysterious not a gay bar June 28, 2010 June 28, 2005 It’s an impromptu meeting of the Captain Sunshine Fanclub at the Grisly. No, not really.
Dance with the Devil July 5, 2010 July 5, 2005 Faust meets the Devil and a deal is struck.

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