Portrayed by Orlando Bloom
Fullname Daniel Harsent
Birthday 08/November/1984
Species Shifter
Age 21
Height 6'0"
Weight type here
Eyes Brown
Hair brown
Occupation Garage owner

Claim to Fame

Dan runs a small somewhat successful repair-shop, those that know him will point out that while a capable mechanic he's far better at management.


I was born in 1984, I lived in England where I spent the first fifteen sixteen years of my life. My childhood wasn’t exactly normal, my parents were both shifters which in some ways made life easier for me, I knew what to expect, but it doesn’t help when you’ve gotta wonder growing up if every animal you see is really your parents checking up on you. Which occasionally they did.

My family lived just outside of London, my father was an art professor and my mother was a doctor, I’d like to say I took after either of them but I didn’t I did well at school, but showed no exceptional talent in either of my parents fields. I do however have an interest in art history.

I moved with my family to Houston with my family when my mother got a research position at the M.D Anderson Cancer Center. It was there that I first changed, it was then that we learnt of my talent for flying. Something I’ve always taken great joy in is my ability to handle the air better than most shifters, the down side is of course that I do this because I’m more in touch with the birds nature, this can make it a little difficult for me to do a great deal in bird forms.

I graduated with good grades and attended the Univeristy of Texas, staying close to home, simply because it was easy, I studied engineering with every intention of moving into aeronautics, but ultimately found myself instead dropping out to become a mechanic I’ve never looked back.

It was only two years ago that me and a friend bought our own garage out in Dallas, we ran it together until a couple of months ago when I bought Jake out and took over the place myself.

Character Details

Daniel’s prone to being the nice guy, he’ll generally sit back and let the world pass him by, he’s polite, courteous and generally well-mannered, and slow to anger. He’s also quite shy and sometimes socially awkward. This often makes people think he’s something of a push over which turns out to be far from the truth he’s got one quite a temper when pushed hard enough.


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