Desiree DeVilliers
Portrayed by Catherine Zeta Jones
Fullname Desiree Anne DeVilliers
Birthday April 1st
Species Human
Bloodtype AB-
Age 23
Height 5'9"
Weight 125lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Occupation Dance Instructor


"On with the dance! Let joy be unconfin'd;
No sleep till morn, when Youth and Pleasure meet." — Byron, Childe Harold

"A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterwards." — Jean Paul Richter

"Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing." — Schiller, Don Carlos


Desiree has been a familiar face in Dallas for many years, since she has done TV commercials and fashion modeling for stores like Nieman-Marcus. She was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, but quit when she started getting parts in movies and television shows. She's also been featured in a national ad campaign for Maybelline (tm). Currently, Desiree co-owns Studio 10, a successful academy where she teaches ballet, tap, jazz and ballroom dancing. She's active in local charity work, volunteering her time to Bright Futures. Desiree also volunteers her time at the American Vampire League, and is a known supporter for Vampire rights.


Ebony hair falls from a slight widow's peak on Desiree's forehead, tumbling down her back to her waist. Though nearly straight, there are gentle waves which seem to keep moving even when she's standing still. Almond-shaped, green eyes darken near the iris, and always seem to sparkle with life. Full lips, an aquiline nose and high cheekbones make her face look almost piquant. Evenly tanned skin glows with undisguised health. Desiree is slender of torso, with a full bosom, curvaceous hips and long, shapely legs in proportion with her above average height. Her hands have tapered fingers which end in well-shaped, manicured nails. Desiree moves with the supple grace of a dancer.


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To most people, Desiree appears to be a confident, composed woman, however, it should be noted much of this Type 1 personality is the result of a carefully crafted image. Her acting ability helps mask a woman riddled with self-doubt, and self-consciousness. The public image of an out-going, friendly extrovert hides Desiree's uncertainty.

Many times Desiree feels overwhelmed by life, and must force herself to even get out of bed. She is convinced the real Desiree is boring, a mere shell of a person no one would even want to know, let alone like. This is another reason she wears a mask of cool confidence in front of people. Her lack of faith in herself usually manifests in hesitation, poor choices and impulsive behavior.

A failed marriage left Desiree with some serious commitment issues. Though she enjoys romance and sex, the bitter divorce left her with feelings of unworthiness, and Desiree is convinced no one should love her. She has no problem flirting, and even encouraging men to date her, but when it comes to making any kind of commitment, she backs away and leaves them wondering what happened.

All this, amongst other stressful situations, can bring on a deep, dark depression which makes Desiree lock herself away (both figuratively and literally), gorging on junk food and caffeine. Once she works through the problem, Desiree swings in the diametrically opposite direction. She goes on starvation diets, and is literally panic-stricken until she loses any excess weight she gained.

Lastly, Desiree is, quite frankly, addicted to the rush of adrenaline dangerous activities brings. She is fun-loving, with a good (if somewhat warped) sense of humor and a deep desire to help others. In short, Desiree needs to be needed in order to feel good about herself. Perhaps one of her biggest problems is needing to see herself through other's eyes.



Name Relationship Notes
Bethany Brooks Acquaintance Marius Schlacter's "lamb." Desiree and Bethany aren't exactly friends, but at least there's now no open hostility between them. A psychologist, the "Good Doctor" offered to let Desiree come and talk to her if she needed to get things off her chest.
Ella Monroe Acquaintance Ella and Desiree met at the AVL offices, and have talked a bit. They aren't close friends, but are pleasant to one another. They occasionally run into each other outside of work, usually at Absinthe.
Hugo Bosch Friend Hugo and Desiree are good friends and occasional lovers — although they've backed off on the latter lately. Hugo is an artist, and has been taking dance lessons with Desiree. They are two very passionate people who enjoy dancing together.
Steve Hawk Friend "Capt. Sunshine." Desiree met Steve in Hollywood when she was cast in a couple of episodes of his TV show. They became friends, though Desiree had a bit of a crush on him. He recently came to Dallas, and she's been helping him get an agent so he can find work.
Zane Wright Acquaintance Desiree hired Zane to renovate the studio. She's pleased with his work, but doesn't necessarily agree with his political stance regarding vampires. Otherwise, she feels he's an all right guy.


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Number Taken Notes
One Ren Fair This is a caricature drawn of Desiree by one of the artists at the Dallas Renaissance Fair. It's framed and hanging in her living room.
Two Fashion Show Desiree wore this while modeling for Dallas-based Nieman-Marcus. This picture enabled the store to sell over 300 of these pantsuits.
Three Ballet Odile, the evil Black Swan from "Swan Lake," performed at the Golden Theater in October of 2001. The ballet was a benefit for the families of police and firefighters lost in 911.
Four Portfolio One of Desiree's favorite pictures from her portfolio. It's been argued by her agent that the picture casts her in a different light than she might want it to.
Five Ballet This number was danced in 2002's "Fall Festival of Dance: Robin Hood & His Merry Men." Desiree portrayed Maid Marian.
Six Portrait A portrait Desiree had taken at Glamour Shots in the Dallas Galleria. It's also in her portfolio, as well as hanging in Max Fleischman's office.

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