Elliott Hartigan
Fullname Elliott James Hartigan
Birthday September 13th
Species Vampire(T)
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Weight 190lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Unemployed

Claim to Fame

Elliott made a small name for himself around a few people as being a young priest in the making. His course was clear, the man determined, but then he slowly began avoiding those who associated him with the church. Now he hasn't returned in quite some time due to being turned. He's currently making a new name for himself due to being at the side of the Sheriff of Dallas.


James Elliott Hartigan was always a man with a plan. He found the biggest and best opportunities throughout school, even when meeting women. So it is no surprise that when he graduated college he was well on the path of business success and marriage to the most beautiful he could find, Linda May Sutko. What was a surprise was just how difficult it was for him to find a job. His internship fell through leaving him with school debt, a wedding to plan and no food on the table. As he was becoming desperate he finally took a job for a local office supply company. The entry level position was well beneath him, but given his drive and ideals it did not take long before he worked his way up the chain. Within two years he was the store manager and reporting directly under the owner. It still was not anything that he planned on but it allowed him to at least give Linda the wedding of her dreams.

Just as life was starting to look up he was delivered the news that the owner had grown tired of the store and wished to retire. Instead of discussing anything with his employees, he sold the store out from under them. The only saving grace is that the company who purchased the store was only interested in the office supplies and not the printers and copiers that it sold. Using this to his advantage, James pulled all the money that he could and bought the contracts for the machines off of his boss. This left him with at least a possible new way of life, a new business: copier and printer sales and repairs. With Linda now pregnant the man new that he had to do something, and so his venture began.

The new business started and slowly became popular within the Springtown area. He soon brought on a good friend and schoolmate as a business partner which allowed the business to grow. His former coworkers who all lost their jobs were hired on underneath him so they would not feel the pains of job loss. Everyone was thankful and passionate about the new opportunity and they all swore to do the best that they could for their customers. This is the foundation that the company was built on.

As the years passed the business continued to grow. More vendors signed contracts, more customers required services. The hard working employees with high goals were what kept things going and kept their customers coming back. Not only were they good but they were also local. As printers and copiers evolved and technology grew, eventually it became evident that the company too would need to grow. So they hired new technicians and IT staff, all who could help with network connections and set the way for further computer services down the road.

Enter James's only child, Elliott. Throughout all of Elliott's life he tried desperately to gain the attention of his father. It isn't that he was completely ignored but owning such a growing business often times called for quite a bit of attention. He didn't play catch with his father but it didn't matter because he knew that his father loved him. Life continued like this until Elliott became a teen. Around this time James had the staff to help run the business and could focus more attention on his son, his only child. There was nothing remarkable about Elliott's teen years. He did well in school, played no sports and would go home and just speak with his father. James educated him about the life of business and how to take over for him eventually. It really wasn't anything Elliot was interested in honestly; printers and copiers just weren't appealing. Still, when he turned eighteen he found himself working for the company. College was attended but only to learn business management skills since apparently he was certain to inherit the company.

It was a struggle since it wasn't the path that felt right, but like the obedient son he complied. It wasn't until he was walking across the stage of his winter graduation that Elliott realized that he wasn't happy. He'd worked hard to do as required and just could not smile as he was handed his diploma. He was lost and could not begin to think of how to approach his father with the news. With nowhere else to turn he went to his church to pray. Religion was always a part of his life but nothing that he took overly seriously. While there he was approached by his priest and eventually entered confession. After many counseling sessions he not only found the strength to confront his father but realized that he knew what he wished to do.

Elliott went to his father near the holiday season to profess his desires and to formally resign from the company. James, of course, did not believe him; especially when he admitted that he wanted to join the church. Having said his peace Elliott left and his father did not get the chance to say goodbye. He immediately set to work to see his dream come true, living off what he was able to save by working for his father. James at first went to the news claiming that his son was missing and sought help to find him. Not too long later Elliott alerted the authorities to the truth, it was reported on and he fell from the media circle all together.

He now is close to reaching his real dreams, or at least is well on his way. With few possessions and even fewer regrets, Elliott marches forward to someday obtain that collar.


In the past few months, Elliott has made friends with a beautiful woman named Isobel. He knew the moment he met her that she was a vampire but this did little to discourage contact with her. They made an agreement that she would show him temptation to see if he is ready for the cloth if he would show her the city.

Around the same time he also met a young woman by the name of Hope Tyler. He's been nothing but kind to her and technically she was his first kiss. Elliott was safe for her, someone she could hang out with without worry so he would do what he could to show her that life is a wonderful thing to live.

Not too long after the awkward kiss between the two, he found himself in an even more awkward situation with the Sheriff of Dallas. In the end he decided that the path to priesthood was not the one for him and soon began to 'see' Isobel on a regular basis. Very recently she proposed to him the idea of seeing the world as only a vampire can and he accepted. He was turned after a night of passion and buried by a tree in the back of the Sheriff's estate. The transformation was a success but during the process it was discovered that he has a gold allergy - this due to the fact that his cross necklace was left with him and the cross was burned into his chest. He's still learning what it is like to be a vampire, but is willing to do what it takes to have the experience. Besides, he has Isobel to rely on and that makes him a very happy man.

Character Details

It is almost as if Elliott has the patience of a saint. Being one who has been told what to do his entire life, he's learned to sit back and just listen, observe and learn. This does not mean that he will not speak up when need be and get involved, but he will do so only when needed and in the most civil way possible. Despite his upbringing he harbors no ill towards his father or family in general and in fact one day hopes to fully regain his relationships with them. With his chosen profession clear he has realized that any form of romantic relationship is not for him. As true as this may be, he does not shy away from any he meets. Everyone of every gender and race are greeted with a smile. Elliott will go out of his way to help anyone whenever he can. The topic of vampires is one that is always brought up at his church. There are those who deem them demons and forbid any interactions with them. Elliott on the other hand has decided that all creatures, vampires are not, should be created equal. This is the foundation of his every belief.


Name Race Relation Notes
Isobel Symon Vampire Complicated A dance with the devil… a beautiful devil.
Summer Houston Shifter Conversationalist Great with conversation. Nice boyfriend.
Mischa Alexandrov Shifter That guy Boyfriend to Summer, met him once. Commitment issues.
Hope Tyler Human Mission They run into each other when she needs him. It's His path to help her.

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