Portrayed by MIchael Cera
Fullname Francis Walker
Birthday Cember 12th
Species Vampire
Age 148
Height 5'10"
Weight 140
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation College Student

Claim to Fame

A public advocate for the AVL, and a new college student in town. A publicly admitted Vampire.


Frank's father was already an older man when he and his wife had Francis. He was born underweight and sickly, and they were certain he would die. However, he survived, and as he grew on the harsh farm, he filled out a bit. He wasn't as strapping as the other cowboys, but he worked to do his best. Sure enough, by sixteen he was quick, and strong, and very skilled at chasing off cattle rustlers, and dangerous predators, with knife or rifle. As the 19th century began to die down, however, a local railroad baron wanted badly to put a rail line down directly through the family ranch. They fought against it tooth and nail, and resisted strongly. Finally, when Frank was twenty, the baron hired a group of cut-throats to sneak into the ranch at night and murder the family, making sure it looked like a robbery.
They did not count on Francis awakening, however. He grabbed his pistol, and took to them in the living room. The pistol shots awoke his father and two younger brothers. His mother hid in the pantry, while his brothers and father joined the fray. The men were quick and ruthless, and the leader was the worst of the lot. He moved with amazing speed, and had inhuman strength. In the end the leader broke his father's neck, twisting his head clean around, and the men shot both of his brothers. Francis gunned down one of the bandits, and when the other came into close range, it turned into a knife fight. After a badly bleeding cut on his right side, he drove his own blade into the man's throat, and went after the leader, who ahd fled deeper into the house in search of Francis' mother.
He threw his knife just as the man ripped the pantry door from the frame, and it buried itself in the man's lower back. He spun about, and came at the young man with the ferocity of a cornered lion. In the end, after a surprisingly prolonged fight, Francis crumpled to the ground, bleeding from a gut stab. He then watched, helpless, as the man bared his fangs, and bled his mother dry. He then turned on Francis and stated that he had taken away two good human servants of his, and he needed a replacement. He was impressed with his loyalty to his family, and his surprising savageness…and he drank Francis' blood, and gave him some of his own. He then set fire to the house and carried the young man out into the field nearby, and buried him, climbing down into the hole with him.
Three nights later he awoke, and terrified, he dug himself from the soil. It had rained while he was beneath the earth, and the ruins of his house were long since extinguished. The lovely ranch had been reduced to ash and dirty puddles. His parents bodies were so badly burnt and blacked that he could barely identify them, if it had not been for the sizes of his little brother's bodies. The man who had killed them then came to him, and told him that his name was Waylen Brookes, and Francis now owed him his allegiance. With nothing to fight for, he offered himself to the man, starving and broken. He took him off to get him fed, and explained to him his new condition. He explained how the world only knew hey existed on a subconcious level, and that they were the wolves amongst the flock. They could feed or kill as they wanted, and few could stop them if they covered their tracks. The two recruited several humans into their gang, and went back about Waylen's previous criminal activities. They robbed banks, and trains, and hired themselves out for various dark deeds. By 1915 they were wanted across the country, and by the invention of the FBI, the Waylon Gang was on the Top Wanted List, along with the likes of Dillinger, and Baby Face Floyd.
Deep down Frank (As he was now called), -hated- what he was doing. He could kill, and but didn't revel in it like his Maker did. Still, he was afraid of leaving Waylon, because he felt that he had nowhere to go. The two would go underground no and again, resurfacing under a different name and slightly altered appearance, and continue their crime sprees. In 1946, however, Waylon made the mistake of robbing a bank in Chicago with a Vampire as the owner. He killed the Vampire to get to the money, and it did not take long at all for the 'Proper Authorities' to track them down. The Maker and Child were put on trial, and it was eventually decided that Waylon would be put to death, but after a lengthy interrogation of Frank, it was decided that he was a 'simple-minded fool', and was a follower. They could tell he did not relish doing what he did. Thus, he was punished with torture that has left scars still marring his back, and left to his own devices. They did keep a close eye on him for the next twenty years, though…just in case.
Not sure what to do with himself next, Frank began to travel the country, taking up odd jobs and keeping his head down. It was a lonely, terrible life, but he preferred it to his life as an outlaw decades before. Finally, when the Vampires 'came out of the coffin', he was totally thrilled at the idea. He hoped it would force Vampires to be less monstrous. He was wrong, of course. This is when he met Donald Blake, a high ranking member of the AVL. He told him he had been at the trial so many years before, and thought he could use his help. Thrilled at being accepted, he latched onto the AVL. He has since spread its word, and has helped out at many chapters across the country. Eventually, however, it became clear that Donald wanted him for more then just that. One night he came to him and complained about a human man who had been causing no end of grief to the movement, and he was very worried the man could upset everything. Knowing what Frank would do, he left. Frank found the man, and caused a 'freak accident' to occur, involving the stairs of his house, and a knife he'd been 'carrying'.
He would not let anyone harm the League, and Daniel knew it. He hasn't come to him again yet, but it's only a matter of time. Frank found a place in Kansas where he and Waylon had buried a few coffee cans of stolen jewelry, coins and money, and he took them to be looked at. It turned out, of course, they they were all worth a LOT of money, and he sold them and put his money in a bank account. He then moved to Dallas, where the local AVl could use some help…and there was a college to attend. He felt it was time to stop living as a country bumpkin, and get a real city education.

Character Details

Frank is a mix of paradoxes. In social situations he is awkward, and a bit goofy. He is a little shy around girls, and has a tendency to screw up friendships before they become anything more. When he stays in areas for any bit of time, he tends to draw friends, both human and Vampire. However, it takes him a bit of time to get comfortable around somebody. Deep down, Frank has a serious fear of rejection. In the end, when somebody accepts and trusts him, he'd do pretty much anything for them, and becomes quite clingy. Hence his loyalty to the AVL. When Donald Blake took him in and made him his personal assistant, he became quite attached to the ideas of the League. Since that day he has proven to be a strong advocate of it, and, as he has in the past, will do -anything- for the League. While socially awkward, when it comes to supporting the League, he can become cold and deadly. This is his 'Family', as far as he is concerned, and he will kill to protect it, or its goals.


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