Gabriel Rosco
Portrayed by PENN BADGLEY
Fullname Gabriel Kegan Rosco
Birthday November 2
Species Human
Age 22
Height 6'0"
Weight 150 lbs.
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Slacker

Claim to Fame

If there's a party he can wangle his way into, Gabriel is there. Otherwise, he's occasionally seen around campus (when he bothers to turn up) or hanging around in a variety of places, normally attached to a group of friends.


Back in the late 70s, Nathaniel Rosco made partner in his law firm. When it came time for him to take on some of the major business for the firm, it was explained to him that some of the clients would only be able to visit at night, and might be a little different from the usual customers. Being the money-driven man that he was, Nathaniel accepted the existence of vampires with aplomb, and wasn't moral enough to bother about their activities. When his wife, Janet, made partner just a couple of years later, she embraced the undead with similar ease. They manipulated trust funds, created false identities, and generally made it possible for the members of the unliving community that used them to have lives outside of their coffins. In particular, Kegan Kinnel and his minions were huge clients for the firm.

When Janet discovered in 1985 that she was unable to have children naturally, she resorted to IVF. When even that didn't work, she was approached by one of the clients with an offer. Thus, by virtue of the magic combination of IVF and vampire blood, Janet fell pregnant with her first and only child.

Gabriel Kegan Rosco was born on November 2, 1987. It was not an easy birth, though he was eventually brought into the world, leaving his mother hospitalised for a good couple of months afterwards. Thus, young Gabriel's earliest life was largely dealt with by the staff. Nathaniel took a day or two off, and Janet returned to work as soon as she was well. Little Gabriel didn't really see much of his parents in those first few years. Tutors were brought in for schooling from a young age, and Gabriel's life continued, though he lacked contact with anyone his own age, instead developing formal relationships with a distant father, and an equally absent mother. The staff were his only friends, his parents and largely all he had in the world. Therefore, he started to misbehave. Badly.

Growing sick of it, Gabriel was shipped off to boarding school as soon as he was old enough, and sent enough money to largely make him go away and keep quiet. One of the wealthiest kids there, he lacked for nothing except the contact those children had with their parents. Still, there were others in a similar boat to himself, so he ended up with a few close friends, until he went at high school. High school is where the serious young man really discovered himself. Aged thirteen, with the money he had available, and the charm he was just learning could take him places, Gabriel rapidly turned himself into the friend of all. He'd pay or manipulate others into doing his schoolwork, he'd smile sweetly at teachers and cheat at tests, he'd pay older kids or even random passers-by to appropriate the things he wanted and needed.

It wasn't long before he discovered the joys of vice. Still, never one to harm himself too badly, he would moderate, though accept all comers to join in with him. There was cannabis, there was alcohol, occasionally something else a little bit exciting. Eventually though, he was caught by an honest man, an unbuyable teacher who ensured he was cast away from that particular school and sent back to his parents in shame. The same parents he had always resented for ignoring him for much of his life.

For a while, Nathaniel and Janet attempted to see Gabriel schooled at home again. It was during this time that Gabriel slowly discovered about his parents' clients, mainly by stealing into their studies and reading documents he really shouldn't have. Horrified that this sort of thing was kept from the populace, he confronted his father about it, and received for his troubles the first real beating of his life. Then did Gabriel learn to hate his father. After promises of silence were extracted from him, and enforced by glamour from a client, Gabriel sullenly went about his life, again sent away to another school.

Here he scraped through high school, this time keeping his indiscretion and rulebreaking quieter if no less frequent. He discovered girls, and more potent drugs. Eventually he returned home once more, this time whilst applying for various college spots. Within a day of coming home, he had entered into another blazing row with his father, again receiving a beating, though this time for telling his father how he truly felt. Janet simply watched on, attempting to comfort her son only once he was done, and receiving a hostile response for her trouble.

It was decided rapidly that Gabriel would be sent to Dallas to attend college. He would be given more than enough money to get by, and would be exiled from his parents' household until he had a) learnt some manners and b) got himself a real career. Thus he did. He smoked a lot of cannabis, he took other drugs recreationally, and generally had a whale of a time at college, throwing himself into hedonism rather than think about the fact he might one day need to settle his life down. Then the Great Revelation came about, and he was finally free to speak about what he knew. It wasn't long before he attended the Fellowship of the Sun, more to annoy his parents than anything else, and generally started living two lives. The first, the hedonistic party animal student, charming and womanising his way through life. The second, a good and honest Fellowship member, attending church and spouting vitriol when he felt like it.

Character Details

Gabriel is a nice guy at heart, though he fails utterly to show it a lot of the time. He's a faker, a hedonist and a manipulator. He has a casual relationship with the law, at least for what he terms victimless crimes, like his penchant for drugs and underground nightclubs. Generally, he's charming, easy to know and pleasant; he simply can't do enough to help. He's vocal, he doesn't bother not telling someone when there's an opportunity to have a shouting match; his relationship with his parents has ensured he's spoilt, and accustomed to getting his own way.

At his core, he's a very bitter young man, though it's all directed towards his parents. His father he hates for his actions and his beatings, his mother he blames for failing to protect him from his father. This has manifested itself as a need to be centre attention, and a penchant for doing things purely because it'll annoy his parents if they get wind of it. Things like joining the Fellowship of the Sun. He doesn't like vampires in general, mostly because no-one is allowed to be more glamorous and charming than him, dammit, but also because he was well aware before their Great Revelation quite how much of the world some of them are manipulating from behind the scenes.

With a life spent essentially wasting his parents money and attending college just enough not to get kicked out, Gabriel lacks self-discipline, and plans to spend as much of his life as possible simply messing around. He is an occasional user of a variety of drugs, including V. He drinks, he smokes (sometimes), he womanises, he loves life and lives life to the maximum.


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Unter null - Martyr Parents I've wasted time on you once more, I cannot do this any more. There's been enough life spent on you, if only you could see me know.
The Prodigy - Their Law Life in general What we're dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law
Michael Jackson - Beat it Life They're out to get you, better leave while you can. Don't wanna be a boy, you wanna be a man. You wanna stay alive, better do what you can. So beat it, just beat it.
Static X - This is not Current status This is not my life. This is not my home. This is not me. I hate this.

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