Portrayed by Justin Baldoni
Fullname Giacomo Alfonso DiCosta
Birthday October 10, 1918
Species Vampire
Age 86 (28)
Height 5'9"
Weight 160
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Mobster

Claim to Fame

Giacomo or "G" was once a gangster in the golden age of the Mafia in New York. Due to his background he is quite capable of working a bureaucracy in someone's favor as well as finding those things and persons that have disappeared for one reason or another. He can often be found loaning money to those desperate, at quite the interest rate, of course. Known as a ruthless pit bull for hire.


  • 1918 Born in Sicily
  • 1925 Moved to New York
  • 1933 At age of 15, gets involved with la Cosa Nostra
  • 1936 At 18, becomes one of the drivers for Frank Costello, then consigliere to Capo di tutti Capi, Lucky Luciano
  • 1941 'Made' at the young age of 23 with Costello's sponsorship
  • 1946 exposed at age of 28, goes on the lamb, turned same year in Cadillac Lounge in downtown Cleveland
  • 1946-1982 Long string of vampiric debauchery with maker, utilizing protection schemes, occasional wetwork job
  • 1982-1986 GRID then HIV/AIDS makes Giacomo regain some of his empathy for humanity, blood borne illness makes maker worried about contamination. After long argument, maker leaves Giacomo, though never released him from their bonds.
  • 1986-2005 G bounces from city to city, staying for a few years, running a basic protection scheme to keep himself living at his expected level of income, his newest city to be Dallas, Texas.

Character Details

Giacomo's life has led him to have a rather unique outlook and value system. Due to his upbringing and his role with organized crime, he tends to buck authority of a more orderly type. Since his conversion to a vampire, however, he has viewed that as his replacement for the Family, proving loyal to this Sheriffs, Kings, and Queens he has lived under. He is fiercely loyal of those persons and groups he has sworn allegiance to. He doesn't hesitate to use violence and is certainly capable of cruelty, but must justify its use in his head before it is implemented. He isn't too happy about the choice of other vampires to expose the entire group, as he thinks it has led to more scrutiny than necessary.

He's fairly cocky in reference to his own skills, that coming with the bravado bred into him with the mob and the general superiority complex that most Vampires hold. At this point, G views his violent ways simply as a means to support himself in his other pursuits. Towards humans, he has a supportive, if patronizing view in an academic sense, but tends to be a bit more abusive in practice. The other supernaturals he has a strong tendency to be skeptical of or even hostile to, as he views them as competitors to his "family's" dominance.

On a personal level, G is a smooth talker and extremely forward. Rather than dress up what he is trying to express, he'll go right to the point, truthful or not. He often indulges in more hedonistic things, given dancing, drinking, and men, generally a simultaneous combination of the three.


Name Relation Notes
Isobel Sheriff Allegiance, fealty, and gifts. She's the Boss.
Marius Whip He's crude and cruel. They don't mesh yet.

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