Gregory Warren
Portrayed by Jesse Williams
Fullname Gregory James Warren
Birthday August 5, 1977
Species Witch
Age 27
Height 6'1"
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes Pale Blue
Hair Black
Occupation Private Investigator

Claim to Fame

Son of a Boston financier. Self-employed (private investigator).


General Details

  • 1977: Born to Emily and Mitchum Warren in Boston, MA.
  • 1987-1996: Attended St. Justinian's Academy for Young Men — a private school just outside of Boston.
  • 1996-2000: Attended Harvard College (Harvard University), earning a 4-year undergrad degree in Economics.
  • 2000-2002: Attended Harvard School of Business (Harvard University), earning a 2 year MBA in Business and Economics.
  • 2002-2004: Employed by Warren, Kessler, and Stack, a large New England investment firm (part-owned by Mitchum Warren).
  • 2004: Resigned from WKS abruptly, no reason given. Moved to Dallas.
  • 2004-Present: Living in Dallas. Self-employed. Registered Private Investigator.

Restricted Details

Character Details

Focussed, disciplined, and extremely confident, there's little Gregory believes is beyond his reach. That confidence can sometimes come across as arrogance, particularly when combined with his natural pride. He's also something of a fighting cockerel, prone to extremes of emotions. When he trusts, as rare an occurance as it is, he trusts absolutely. When he pledges loyalty, short of a catastrophic betrayal, it's for life.

Having said that, he's learned (the hard way) to be a political animal. He plays his cards close to the chest and isn't prone to revealing his innermost emotions to anyone but his closest intimates. He's defnitely a details man; he doesn't miss much, but is more of the kiss-don't-tell school of thought. Indeed, he can be quite the chameleon, when he puts his mind to it. Ultimately, however, his stripes do show themselves. He's too much a creature of passion to keep them entirely bottled up for long.

In terms of his opinions of other supernaturals: He respects vampires as the most powerful of the different races. He's fine with pack werewolves, but detests rogue wolves as unpredictable and undisciplined. He sees shifters as little better than humans — though he concedes their animorphs have their uses. He only likes psychics if they're useful to him, otherwise he resents and mistrusts them. And he's cautious with other witches until he decides their merit.


Name Race Relation Notes
Mitchum Warren Witch Father (NPC) Lost the family fortune in gambling debts. He and Gregory don't get along very well at all.
Emily Warren Witch Mother (NPC) Never close to Gregory. Has fallen apart since the debts have been repaid by a vampire.
Julian Meyers Witch Mentor (NPC) Leader of the powerful New England coven with which Gregory is associated and a replacement father-figure for him.
Isobel Symon Vampire Employer Gregory is Isobel's daytime go-to-guy. He is loyal to her first and foremost, everyone else second.
"The Absentminded Professor" Human Met him once So, the guy's real name is Todd, but Gregory doesn't actually know it. He bumped into him once in Koreatown.
Hailee Rose Human Hawt Girl in an Alley Rescued her from a bunch of thugs. Got a kiss and her number for his trouble. Good times.

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