Guy Tombes
Portrayed by Antonio Banderas
Fullname Guy Cyrill Tombes
Birthday July 26, 1272
Species Vampire
Age 733(25)
Height 6' 1"
Weight 215
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Occupation Criminal

Claim to Fame

Rumor has it that Guy has ties to several criminal elements, including drug and arms dealers.


Guy Cyrill Tombes was born July 26, 1272 in the city of Versailles. A lot was going on in Europe at that time. Europe was right in the middle of the Crusades. Much of France was occupied by England. Much of the nobility of Europe at that time was ruthless. Guy was no exception. In fact, he seemed to typify it. At the age of 11 he became a page, and later on squire, then knight. Of course being a knight he dedicated himself to the necessary training. Horsemanship, weapons training and the like had many hours devoted to them. It was a violent time, and war and fighting was commonplace. Thus, Guy grew up in an atmosphere of war. Soon it became all he knew. Although the chivalric code is taught to all knights, it was not as rigorously practiced during this time as much as one might think. Guy realized that his job as a knight was to protect his family’s holdings. Thus he was manipulative, ruthless, and devious.

It was perhaps this combination of traits that attracted his maker to him. In the autumn of 1297, Guy was engaging a particularly bold band of bandits with his men. Guy hunted them down and left their heads on pikes on the roadside, despite the fact that many surrendered and asked for mercy. Little did he know that he was being observed. Niklas was a vampire born in Wallachia some 300 years or so prior. Guy never really found out for sure exactly how old his maker is. Niklas returned to Guy’s camp the next night and attacked, single-handedly taking out the dozen or so men with him. Even after seeing his men slaughtered, Guy was defiant. This seemed to please Niklas, who offered him a choice. Death, or eternal life. Guy chose eternal life. Guy spent many years with his maker before returning to France, but some things stayed with him forever. Niklas taught Guy that vampires must always be powerful, beautiful, vicious and without regret. Guy always kept that lesson in mind every night since.

Guy remained in France for a time, staying in Europe through events like the Plague and the Hundred Years War. He helped the French against the English and aided Joan of Arc as much as he could. He stayed in Europe through most of the Renaissance, although this period bored him immensely. Guy is a creature of war and conflict. So when a revolution broke out against the English in the colonies, Guy departed Europe. Guy liked the spirit of defiance in the new American nation and did what he could to assist their revolution. Afterwards, he stayed in America. It was at this time that Guy began to involve himself in some of the seedier activities. He began to notice the emergence of elements of organized crime years before they actually became such. Guy traveled the nation studying and later on manipulating these elements. When the nation expanded westward, he followed then as well.

The years went on and the world became smaller. Guy involved himself in the activities and smuggling, drug trafficking and arms dealing. Guy eventually settled in Texas in 1950 as this afforded him the easiest movement back and forth between South America. Also, Texas was by far the most interesting state at the time. Today, Guy is responsible for a great deal of guns and illegal drugs that make their way across the Texas/Mexico border. Although the money is nice, Guy does this primarily because the conflict such business engenders provides him with amusement. Aside from this, he’s also busying himself with improving his standing in vampire society.

Character Details

Guy posesses a veneer of civility that hides a hostile exterior. He genuinely believes that the ends do justify the means. While urbane, he mostly puts on a polite genteel exterior as a front. He is ruthless, manipulative and can be particularly vicious in both pursuit of a goal or revenge. He is also very cerebral in his actions. Guy tends to respect similar behavior in others and tends to be very snide in those who continuously act without thinking. He has a great love of conflict in all forms and will instigate it when he can both for amusement and profit. He's very interested in vampires going public, mainly for the amount of amusement the ongoing conflict has generated. He tends to act similarly around both friends and enemies alike, and one is never really quite sure where they stand with him. He seems to espouse the old adage, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


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