Hailee Rose
Portrayed by Kristen Bell
Fullname Haleigh Rose Smith
Birthday October 27
Species Human
Age 26
Height 5'5"
Weight 118 lbs.
Eyes Blue-Grey
Hair Blonde
Occupation Ex-Model

Claim to Fame

Some may remember her as the third-placer in Miss New York Teen USA pageant in 1994. Throughout her teens and early twenties, Hailee was a well known New York City Model, appearing in fashion magazines. She fell off the radar a year or two ago, only to resurface in Dallas amid tabloid reports of having spent time in rehab.

Character Details

Hailee was in pageants for most of her life, she's learned the ins and outs of them, as well as several skills that go along with them. She's by far a virtuoso in any of these things, but she /can/ play exactly two songs on the piano, both tap and ballet dance, has minor singing abilities, and can twirl a baton like nobody's business.
In the last two years, she's learned how to be crafty to get what she wants, even if it means providing a service she may not want to. Especially when it comes to obtaining V.
Is being beautiful a skill? You betcha! Hailee is a skilled model, and has a way of making anything look good when she wears it. Her career may have taken a downturn, but she knows precisely what to do in a photo shoot, how to walk down a runway, and how to look great no matter what.


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