Portrayed by Brittany Snow
Fullname Hana Adams
Birthday March 1
Species Human
Age 22
Height 5'4"
Weight 110 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Florist

Claim to Fame

People will know Hana Adams as the bright and cheerful proprietor of a flower shop called A Rose By Any Other Name. She is also a member of FotS and isn't shy about expressing her 'interesting' views on vampires.


David Adams was an enterprising young businessman the first time that he went to Japan. There he met Noriko, one of the only fluent English parishioners of a church he decided to frequent while in Japan. The two hit it off and Noriko went back to Texas with her much older soon-to-be husband. The two were married three months later. Immediately they began to try to conceive, but Noriko was sadly unable to have children. They went to an adoption agency and were eventually permitted to adopt Hana, who was six months old by then. Noriko chose the name Hana because it meant flower in Japanese. And thus begun Hana's early life.

Growing up, Hana was afforded privileges that most other children didn't have. Her father made enough money running his own farming equipment business to give Hana the life she deserved. After Hana, the couple adopted a baby boy named Zachary. Then they were living the all-American dream; big hair, a healthy fear/love of God, two point five kids, the whole shebang. Hana wasn't a remarkable child; she was lead to believe that she was though. Hana and Zachary both knew from an early age that they were adopted and had been chosen and given a life of privilege. Hana was taught to be a proper young woman with old-fashioned ideals. Always be coquettish and coy, always let the man make the first move, always be demure, never spit in public, avoid filthy habits like smoking, and so on and so forth. From a young age, Hana was taught that being different was a bad thing and that conformity was the key to success. This ideals coupled with a strong religious upbringing shaped Hana into what she is today.

Hana strived to be the best she could be. She got nearly straight As in school right up until graduation, was a member of the gymnastics team, the cheerleading squad, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the key club, and even tutored other students. It was a mostly charmed life for Hana — as long as she was getting her way. Hana was proverbial popular mean girl in high school but she had a more violent, aggressive streak. After Hana lost to another girl for homecoming queen, she started a very small but effective smear campaign that soon made it's way online. Rivaling schools even heard about Jenny Thomas' unfortunate case of gonorrhea. And it was never traced back to Hana because she covered her bases so well. Hana's intolerance didn't just end at people who stole her spotlight; she soon became hateful towards people of other races, colors, sexualities, and faiths. Online forums provided a 'healthy' outlet for her anger and assured her that there were people like her. Despite the hatred growing inside Hana, high school came and went. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class and headed off to Southern Methodist University in the fall.

In Hana's second year of college, vampires went public. Suddenly all of the other petty things that she hated were insignificant. Not only did unholy, unnatural creatures exist, but they had been preying on innocent people like her for far too long. Hana's hate for vampires was immediate and immense. She rallied her own group of anti-vamp protesters at SMU and soon became rather adamant. When she learned about the Fellowship of the Sun, Hana became a devoted member. Through the church, she learned how to defend herself from potential vampire attackers and steps to take to ensure that she would never be caught alone by one of them. Hana's only big change besides becoming even more intolerant towards those she disliked was the fact that the night spooked her more than it had previously. Hana had always had a fear of the night time, but now it was even more intensified. Strangely, Hana took it as something of a sign that she was meant to be a warrior for the Fellowship, and all that she considered righteous and good.

After Hana graduated from SMU, her father gave her a small loan which she used to open up her flower shop. Hana's main goals in life aren't that different than most old fashioned girls her age: find a husband, settle down, have some kids, praise the Lord, and crush anyone who gets in the way of her path to righteousness.

Character Details

Hana is perpetually sunny and optimistic. Her cheerfulness can be more than a little annoying at times, but Hana is determined to make everyone's frown turn upside down. She's a stickler for manners and propriety most of the time. Her views on life are a little antiquated in more ways than one. Her strong Baptist upbringing has made her a devoted Christian and now she's a member of the Fellowship of the Sun. Hana believes that men are supposed to protect women, and that women should be genteel and coy. She will often play the damsel in distress to get attention. She's outgoing enough to pursue friendships and relationships, but will always wait for someone else to make the first move when push comes to shove. Hana isn't just intolerant towards vampires; she also dislikes deviancy in general. She is bigotted towards homosexuals and even people of other races from time to time. When Hana is provoked, her sense of decency goes right the window. She'll fight hard and dirty to protect herself first and foremost. Much of the time, Hana will equally provoke people whom she deems beneath her and often try to spin the situation to cast them in a negative light.


Name Race Relation Notes
Hope Human Role model/friend? THE Fellowship It girl. Hana wants to be best friends forever with her.
Sloane Werewolf Friend Hana's only real friend, maybe. The two have a very turbulent relationship.


Title Theme/Dedication Lyrics
4 Songs & A Fight by The Sounds Vampires "Don't spread your disease when you come to my town."
Dark Come Soon by Tegan and Sara General "So what? I lied, I lie to me too."
Heavy Cross by The Gossip General "It's a cruel, cruel world to face on your own, a heavy cross to carry along."
Siren Song by Bat For Lashes Manipulation "It won't be long until you're running."
Sister by She Wants Revenge General "You'd better lie down 'cause the angels are watching."

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Opposites Attract March 1, 2010 March 1, 2005 Sloane bumps into Hana at the ice cream parlor. After a shouting match, the two discover they have more in common than they thought.
Fangirl Glee March 29, 2010 March 29, 2005 Hope is visited in the hospital by the number one member of the Hope Tyler fan club.

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