Helen Fontane
Fullname Helen Diane Fontane
Birthday November 1
Species Witch
Age 19
Height 5'3 1/2
Weight 122
Eyes Grey
Hair Blonde
Occupation Incoming UTD Student

Claim to Fame

The youngest of the Fontane brood, Helen has familial ties to the Umbra coven, though no direct association with them. She has recently relocated to Dallas with plans to transfer to UTD.


Helen's mother, Giselle, was the daughter of a notorious witch of the Umbra coven, Gregory Umbra Jr. A ruthless man, Gregory had used his abilities, and the coven's considerable political heft, to launch a political career. With a reputation for shady power-use to further their own ambitions, the exclusive coven had originally developed in the midwest before turning nomadic, travelling the United States looking for a place to settle.

Gregory found himself a home in Chicago, lining his pockets first by playing the stock market, and then turning that into some very lucrative real estate investments. He relocated his family to the suburbs where he first cheated his way into a mayoral seat, before further growing his power and influence in equally shady ways, until he managed to become Senator.

All was going smoothly until the local Niveus coven took exception and tried to rise up against. Gregory had them shot down and used the Umbra coven's political strength to keep the rival coven contained and weak.

Young Giselle bore unhappy witness to her father's ruthless ways. While she didn't entirely disagree with her family's practices, she couldn't stand to see her father's cruelty. Once she was old enough, she fled by marrying Allen Fontane, a human far removed from the family coven, and relocating to Baltimore.

It was there in Maryland that Giselle and Allen started their family. Helen was born fourth and last, a happy baby with a ridiculously adorable smile right from the very start. With three older siblings, as well as a caring mother and father, Helen was well looked after right from the start. As soon as she learned to walk, she loved to run, off on another whirlwind adventure, always saved at the last moment by a protective hand. All in all, she made a picture perfect bookend to the picture perfect all-American family.

And more than the others, Helen bought into this image of their lovely little family, protected and shielded from some of the darker truths. As far as she knew, grandpa Gregory was just a kindly old man who would visit occasionally, bringing gifts and sweets.

Helen grew into a passionate but unfocussed girl, throwing herself wholly into one hobby or pastime after another. Over the years, her bedroom turned into a shrine to nearly every extra-curricular a young girl could do, full of abandoned musical instruments and athletic equipment.

Though she was a smart girl, her grades were also a bit scattered. Above average, her teachers would always insist she could do better if she'd just focus, but it was never to be. Helen wasn't inclined to stress about school - or about much of anything, really. She'd try to take these lectures seriously, resolve herself to buckle down, only to grow tired with that after a week or two at the most.

She was never short of friends either, popular and known universally by nearly all of her peers for being fun to have around, the type of girl up for anything (or at least anything wholesome) and always willing to pitch in and help when someone needed a hand. Still, she never had any especially close friends or clique, better at flitting between the groups like a butterfly. She always had her pick of tables in the high school cafeteria, but no table to call her own. Over the years, she'd join and leave several school teams and clubs, always pulled in a hundred directions at once and loving every minute of it.

Upon graduating high school, she had no idea what she wanted to be when she 'grew up', and wound up attending the University of Maryland almost just by default. She started off as 'undecided' before majoring in English, changing to Psychology with a Sociology minor, and finally ending up with the Philosophy department - all within her first year and a half. It was during this time that she first really started exploring her powers on a deeper level, which made her, if possible, even flightier with her schooling.

Not long into the second term of her sophomore year at UM, she decided, on a whim, that it really wasn't the right place for her. Following the twins, she's relocated to Dallas with plans to transfer to UTD and try a change of scene.

Character Details

Helen is a warm-hearted and passionate flibbertigibbet. Impossible to keep up with, she jumps into and out of things in the blink of an eye, always looking for new experiences and throwing herself into them wholly, largely because she wants to know and experience everything. While she certainly has a knack for taking on too much, rather than stressing out about it, she tends to just drop or drift away from anything she can't handle.

She is friendly almost to a fault, and extremely compassionate, able to sympathize with nearly anyone. She hasn't entirely wrapped her mind around the vampire revelation, but isn't inclined to discriminate, and is staunchly against hate crimes or bigotry. Not in the least bit shy, she'll strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger and doesn't even realize there's anything strange about that.

She's capable of being selectively oblivious when it suits her, ignoring things that don't fit into her world view. She eschews responsibility and doesn't like conflict, preferring the world to be a happy place. When excited, which is often, she can be loud and boisterous, laughing and talking loudly and enthusiastically. She has trouble sometimes in libraries, movie theatres and other quiet places, since she's often forgetting to use her 'indoor voice'. However, when left to her own devices, she's able to be quite quiet and still, though this isn't something people see very often, since in the presence of others, she always feels the need to be 'on'.


Name Race Relation Notes
Scarlett Witch Older Sister Though Helen can get impatient with being overprotected, Helen loves her and counts on her big sister to be there when she needs her. She looks up to Scarlett, though wouldn't come right out and admit to that.
Ivan Witch Older Brother Sometimes she could throttle him for deciding (and acting upon) what's best for her. But Helen loves him dearly, and when he isn't meddling in her life, she can almost bring herself to appreciate his protectiveness: she's come to rely on him to get her out of trouble.
Trey Witch Older Brother Though he is still undeniably a big brother, Helen sees Trey more as a peer. They get along well, her vivid imagination the yin to his scientific yang.
Dan Shifter Dating While they've yet to put a term to it, the two have definitely progressed to the 'more than friends' stage of things.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Sister Sister - Pt. 2 March 3, 2010 March 3, 2005 Ivan recieves the second of two surprise visits from his sisters. Second up: (Not So) Innocent Sis?
The Talk March 12, 2010 March 11, 2005 The big sister takes the little sister out to a nightclub for a very frank discussion.
Idle Wishes March 14, 2010 March 13, 2005 Helen and her brother touch base at the mall.

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