Hope Tyler
Fullname Hope Elizabeth Tyler Cornett
Birthday June 21
Anniversary August 28
Species Human
Age 22
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs.
Eyes Hazel
Hair Black
Occupation SMU Student/Campaign Worker
Faction Fellowship of the Sun
Journal Hope For Humanity

Claim to Fame

Hope moved to Dallas for her Junior year of study at SMU, majoring in Education. She's become a valued employee at her job in the food court at the Preston Forest Shopping Center. Friendly, easy-going, considerate and polite, she seems to be a well brought up young lady. She is strong-willed and spirited when the situation warrants her to be, and she's not shy about letting those she comes to know her exact feelings on vampires - she hates them.


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Born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana, Hope Tyler comes from a fairly well-to-do family. While they weren't by any means rich, they were definitely considered 'Upper Middle Class' for the area. The Tyler's were the type of family to attend church every Sunday as a group, and though they weren't extremely devout they were considered good Christians. They raised their daughters to be good and kind people in their own right, and on the whole the twin's formative years were relatively quiet and normal.

Character Details

Hope was a normally quiet, easy-going person before the incident, and while she's become a bit more 'religious' in the last year, not much else about that has changed. She's still thoughtful and considerate of others, polite to everyone and is careful about judging people based upon their appearance - provided that they're human (so far as she knows). There is one thing on which she is unforgiving - the fact that a vampire is responsible from taking away people she loved. As soon as she's made aware of someone's vampiric status, she becomes agitated, wary, and though she tends to keep a stake with her at all times (thank you Buffy for that idea), and wears a silver-chain with a silver cross on it, she's more liable to run and report them to the Fellowship rather than fight if she can help it.


Name Race Relation Notes
Barbara "Babs" Tyler Human Mother NPC
Isaac Tyler Human Father NPC
Rose Tyler Human Sister Her poor sister and best friend who was glamored by an evil vampire and left in a mental institution. She seems fine now, but will the lucidity last?
Robert Cornett Witch Husband Through ups and downs, a whirlwind romance, a breakup, and a few incidents that brought them back together, the pair finally were married on August 28.
Name Race Relation Notes
Wit Human Acquaintance More of her sister's friend, but she turned to him when Faith was missing.
Sean Human? Friend Hope only recently met him at the FotS. Seems to be a great guy, but has a lot of tough questions.
Gabriel Human Passing Acquaintance Fellow church member she met at the garage.
Hana Human Fangirl Fellow church member, and apparent #1 fan of the Hope Tyler fanclub. Nice enough girl, seems very similar to Hope herself.
Ivan Witch Sister's Fiance They're back to not really getting along.
Zane Wright Human Mayoral Candidate Hope is very, very excited that Wright is entering the race for mayor. She supports him 110%.
Name Race Relation Notes
William Grant VAMPIRE Foe Posed as a student, then accosted her. At least he helped her ensure her prototype actually worked.
Tripp Reynolds VAMPIRE!!! ???? Apparently dead and kicking it in a faux mustache and poncho. He's still in love with Faith.
Elliott VAMPIRE ???? He freaking bit me! I thought he was still human. I invited him in, and he FREAKING BIT ME!


Rosemary Clooney - Sisters Faith! Pretty much all of them. :3
Howie Day - Collide Bobby "Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme, out of the doubt that fills my mind, I somehow find you and I collide."
Diana Ross - If We Hold On Together Bobby/Love Pretty much all of them. :3 First Dance at the Wedding

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