Hugo Bosch
Hugo Bosch
Portrayed by Matthew Bomer
Fullname Hugo van den Bosch
Birthday August 23rd
Species Human
Age 27
Height 5'11"
Weight 156 lbs
Eyes Blue-grey
Hair Brown
Occupation Artist - Painter

Claim to Fame

An up and coming artist - already well known in NY, likely to soon be nationally and internationally famous.


Most of the following information, other than what would have been written about in news articles and gallery guides, should be considered OOC information unless you have a good reason to know it. Please ask before assuming that you know anything about my character's past, as he's fairly secretive about it for the most part. Many thanks!

Character Details

Hugo is very engaging, interactive; a social butterfly bad-boy, living life to the fullest with no apologies and no excuses for his choices, behavior, or art work. But in truth, few people really /know/ the man. He keeps his emotions buried down deep inside, indulges in many brief and superficial relationships to protect himself from the real and perceived betrayals of his childhood. He is well armored against the slings and arrows of the world around him, facing them down with a sardonic smile and quick wit, but he is often not nearly so confident or assured as he would have one believe.

While he could be incredibly bitter and jaded, Hugo has come to realize that there really isn't any point to that approach. The only person that harms is himself, and as such he has a rather optimistic, though still realistic, outlook on life. He is deeply committed to his art work and the integrity thereof, always interested in exploring new ideas, media, and styles. While he is enjoying success now, he doesn't pander to the public or the current popular styles - which is in part why he is so successful. He isn't afraid of taking chances and crossing boundaries. Living in New York City, Hugo has pretty much seen it all in a way. In that city, more than any other, one lives life to the extreme. As such, Hugo has a 'live and let live' attitude towards most things.


Abbey Werewolf Mechanic She is both his mechanic and starting to become a friend. There is a fair amount of flirting on Hugo's side, but nothing more. He doesn't know what she really is.
Desiree Human Friend/Lover Their relationship is a casual one, but also a passionate one. Hugo knows that he's not the only man in her life, and he's okay with that.
Josephine Psychic Sister It wasn't easy growing up with an older sister who could read your every dirty thought, but despite this fact, Hugo was always fond of and close to Josephine till the family broke apart and he stopped being close to anyone. Now he takes pleasure in teasing, mocking, and provoking her at every opportunity he gets. And while he loves her, they still tend to fight like cats and dogs.
Paige Witch Friend? Theirs is an odd sort of relationship. Half push-me-pull-you, half magnets that one moment attract and the next repel. He doesn't know what she is.
Todd Human Mystery Despite the fact that he has a crush on Hugo, and despite the fact that he's not all there, Hugo finds that he is terribly curious about Todd and rather fond of him as well.
Vincent Human Brother Though his older brother has always had a protective nature toward him, Hugo has never been particularly close to Vincent, finding him too uptight and severe for his liking. But he owes Vincent. Big time.

Character Gallery


Log OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Awake, Again 7/7/2010 7/7/2005 While Josephine is sitting by her brother's bedside at the hospital, he finally awakens from his induced coma, only to be back at square one, with no idea of what happened or what is going on.
Bearing Gifts 7/8/2010 7/8/2005 Abbey comes to visit Hugo in the hospital, bearing gifts and cheerful conversation.
Well Wishes, Well Being 7/9/2010 7/9/2005 Aislin comes to visit Hugo in the hospital, bringing him both a present and disturbing (at least to Hugo) news.
Irreconcilable Differences 7/17/2010 7/10/2005 Hugo receives a response to his request in the form of a visitor to his hospital room after sunset, as human and vampire have much to discuss about what happened and what is to come.
What are Friends For? 7/16/2010 7/16/2005 Paige comes by Hugo's apartment bearing dinner and ends up showing him what she really can do with her powers.
Giving Thanks 7/18/2010 7/18/2005 Hugo drops by the police station to thank Officer Winters for his help during the attack and take him out for a drink. Things get a bit hairy though when Josephine shows up.
Quick Tour 7/19/2010 7/18/2005 Max kindly gives Hugo a ride home after leaving Grisly's. The artist shows the officer his work and convinces him to model for him sometime in the future. Note: Takes place immediately after Giving Thanks.
A Side of Cracked Ribs 7/19/2010 7/19/2005 Abbey drops by Hugo's place to give him the books that she promised to drop off and chat about bowling balls, roller-skating, and broken ribs.
Mnemosyne's Orphan 720/2010 7/20/2005 Dr. Trudeau finally meets with Hugo to discuss Todd's condition and the caveats involved should Hugo wish to paint him for his upcoming exhibit.

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