Hyde Blakeley
Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia
Fullname Hyde Theodore Blakeley
Birthday May 3
Species Werewolf
Age 26
Height 5'11"
Weight 174
Eyes Black. Like his soul.
Hair Brown. Almost like his soul.
Occupation Mechanic

Claim to Fame

Hyde is the type of person you want working on your car, but don't want to talk to. Ever. He is a genuinely unpleasant bastard, and seems to have difficulty with interacting with people. However, he knows his music, his literature, and is the ultimate handyman, capable of fixing virtually anything given enough time and resources.

A local 'hero' for fending off a black wolf that was 'attacking' a child. Really good with cars. A complete and total asshole.


Hyde Blakeley was a surly youth while growing up that turned into a surly adult once grown up. He was the sort of child who would spend his free time brooding and reading Kerouac, the sort of figure who would be deeply influenced by the works of Nietzsche and Sartre and Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious. For all extents and purposes Hyde should have been a punk kid living on the grimy streets of New York, a rebel without a cause with a perpetual chip off of his shoulder.

But the reality of his past is very, very different. Why Hyde turned out this way, no one quite knows. His childhood was fairly uneventful. The first child of a successful venture capitalist, Hyde was born with a silver spoon shoved in his mouth, whether he liked it or not. But with great fiscal opportunity comes great responsibility. Hyde was carefully monitored, taught to adhere to strict social regulations and punished if he acted out otherwise. By the time secondary school came around, his parents shipped him off to a rather prestigious boarding school in the countryside of Connecticut - Hotchkiss Academy.

It was there, surrounded by the inane frivolities of the upper crust, that Hyde truly began to blossom. He began despising the society that had reared him, finding its values shallow and superficial. He began finding their casual disregard for money disgusting, along with their rampant immaturity appalling. And from that moment on, he began distancing himself from his peers and his past alike.

He became some sort of sour, hateful pariah. Always by himself, lost in his paperback American novels and hard, middle-class rock. He denied the social advances of his peers, openly mocking and taunting the 'important' figures of his school until even looking at his direction became a sin. And when he was approached by the occasional teenager with daddy issues, attracted by his 'bad boy' persona, he would use than discard her as he saw fit, with apparently no regard for anyone but himself. He turned into an unforgivable asshole, drunk off his own secularity and perceived intelligence.

Rejecting all the expectations expounded on his person, he deliberately did poor in school and often found himself in trouble with peers and superiors alike. Many a fight later, the man was dutifully expelled three months before his graduation. His parents were furious, at a loss to how to control the uncontrollable youth and so they threatened him with the only card they had left to play - disownment. And he rose to the challenge beautifully. At the tender year of 19, Hyde grabbed a satchel filled with a few indispensable articles of clothing, 5 grand, and the steady girlfriend he had somehow managed to grab and took to the roads. Without a plan, without a high school degree or many marketable skills, Hyde ran away.

As luck would have it, their aimless wandering - more suited for the 60's - would lead Hyde and Megan to Dallas, Texas. There, he managed to find a job pumping gas at a service station owned by an elderly, wise man named Ted. Ted, recognizing the hatred and anger in Hyde and determined to help the young man before it led to his early demise, taught Hyde all that he knew about vehicles and engineering.

Turns out, Hyde had a talent for working with his hands. Turns out, Hyde was a brilliant mechanic. For years, Hyde worked under Ted's nurturing care, becoming something of a son to the man. Hyde was a prominent figure at Ted's funeral when he passed away. Hyde even insisted on buying the property of Ted's worn-down, broken home and keeping the noble man's memory alive by moving into it himself.

Today, life is a bit different for Hyde Blakeley. He lives a relatively quiet existence, working day in and day out at Bunker's Garage. He's no longer consumed by his violent rage or prone to semi-suicidal fits of drinking and rampant drug use. And though he is still something of a surly miser, the anger and desolation of his youth had died along with Ted. He no longer feels the need to rebel and prove how incredibly tough and disenfranchised he is. But, what with the recent surge of supernatural activity in Dallas, one can never know exactly where Hyde will go.

Recently, Hyde accidentally shot a shifter in a bout of vigilantism in an attempt to kill the black wolf that was 'attacking' a child. It was a case of mistaken identity - and resulted in the death of 19 year old Franklin Demoin. Instead of have the identity of shifters revealed to the world, and instead of going to jail for the murder - he was punished by the Muea Tseena Pack, and has been bitten and delegated as the responsibility of Eli Donato, the pack leader, himself. Now only time can tell if he lives to live a cursed life or if the virus consumes him.

Character Details

At first glance, Hyde is your stereotypical 'rebel' youth - almost a personification of the Byronic hero. He is quick to scowl, snark, and brood. He generally gives off the impression of always being rather annoyed with life and, to an extent, angry. His social skills are not so good, and he's not known to be particularly chatty. In fact, he seems to generally dislike people, and has very little patience and compassion when it comes to others. In turn, however, once you have been accepted by this boy, you are in for life. He is intelligent, hard-working and highly responsible, which makes him rather more mature than most his age, but perhaps this so-called maturity is what prompts the lad to look down on the majority of his peers. Elitism and paranoia take on a whole new definition with this asshole. In disposition, he resembles the fictitious Mr. Hyde, with the exception of the fact that control is especially important to the boy - he likes to have control, always of everything. Which is possibly why he hates having to deal with other people, since they are such an uncontrollable variable.

He is curious beyond belief and quite ingenious, with a knack for taking apart any and everything and learning how it works. He is a handyman through thick and thin, and is something of a genius engineer, able to throw together a machine for every occasion necessary.


Name Race Relation Notes
Eli Werewolf Maker His proverbial 'father', Eli took a mistake Hyde made and decided to take it upon himself to give Hyde a second chance at life.
Scarlett Witch Girlfriend Hot chick. Fun to bang and otherwise hang out with.
Abbey Werewolf Boss Signs the checks.

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