Portrayed by Tia Mowry
Fullname Ianthe Jeanine Withers
Birthday June 20
Species Shifter
Age 22
Height 5'4"
Weight 155lbs
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation College Student and DJ

Claim to Fame

Daughter and only child of a pair of well known missionaries to South Africa returned to Texas for the first time in ten years to attend college and working as a DJ on the SMU campus radio station.


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Character Details

Ian is an adrenaline junkie and totally fearless. Most of the time, anyway. She's lived in the African bush and knows exactly how to keep from getting in trouble when it comes to wildlife and the country, but the big city is a little bit of a mystery to her. She's always willing to take up a challenge, though, and she's refusing to allow the city to intimidate her. She's talkative and outgoing, partially to make up for being so shy when she first arrived back in the States, but sometimes she's still overcome with shyness and finds herself unable to talk, usually just around shifters that are larger than she is or werewolves.

She has a passion for music that makes her open up to anyone that shows the slightest bit of interest, usually indie bands that few people have heard of or native music, whether African, Indian, or Native American. She genuinely wants to help people that are less fortunate than she is and is a fiercely loyal friend once she has gotten to know someone well enough that she wants to gift them with that title.

She has a strong sense of faith that her parents instilled in her throughout her childhood that lends her strength when she is afraid or finds herself overwhelmed by a situation. She believes like her parents do, but she's not quite as vocal about it. She has no desire, at this point, to go to another country and lead the heathens to the Savior, though she considers herself a Christian and will gladly talk about her faith to anyone that is truly interested.


Name Race Relation Notes
Hope Human Possible Employer? She met Hope while the other girl was manning a Take Back the Night booth with a bunch of other girls. The sane Tyler twin made her an offer that she's going to have a hard time refusing: Employment as a DJ for her wedding at the end of the summer. This is going to require some thought…
Trevor Shifter Acquaintance He's a friendly guy I met at the lake. Nice to know there are guys around Dallas that aren't just interested in staring at girls.


Name Artist Notes Lyrics
Sticking With You Addison Road Friendship If I have to jump, then I'll jump and I won't back down. You can cry, you can fight, we can scream and shout. I'll push and pull until your walls come down and you understand… I'm gonna be around, cause I'm sticking with you.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Take Back the Night June 8, 2005 June 8, 2010 Hope volunteers at the Take Back the Night booth, and potentially finds herself a DJ for the wedding.
A word of warning June 9, 2005 June 9, 2010 Ian is getting in an evening of studying at the deli when Michael catches her staring.
Don't forget to stretch June 10, 2010 June 10, 2005 Trevor is relaxing at the lake when a runner stops to stretch on his bench.

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