Isobel Symon
Portrayed by MENA SUVARI
Fullname Isobel Skye Symon
Birthday May 20th
Species Vampire
Age 674 (18)
Height 5'5"
Weight 114 lbs.
Eyes Icy blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Sheriff of Area 9

Claim to Fame

Reported to be a descendant of both the Frasers of Lovat, and Robert the Bruce. Rumors also hold that she is able to keep her 'children' with her for longer than most vampires.


1332: Born
1344: Married to Ian Symon
1345: Ian is killed. Sent to the Chapel of St. Mary to become a nun.
1350: Turned into a vampire.
1350-1430: Stayed with her maker, worked as a maid.
1430: Witness to the Siege of Compiegne, tries to help Joan of Arc escape imprisonment.
1430-1714: Traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East.
1715: Witnessed the first Jacobite uprising.
1745: Witnessed the second Jacobite uprising, escaped to what would become Canada.
1745 - 1867: Traveled the Canadian wilderness, staying in Upper Canada for many years before moving through the prairies toward British Columbia.
1887: Turns Plains Cree Kotori into a vampire, keeps him as a companion.
1887-2003: Traveled the world with Kotori, until his death in Argentina after the Great Revelation.
2003-2005: Made her way throughout the United States, introducting herself to the Kings and Queens. Obtained a job with Extreme(ly Elegant) Events as a night photographer.
2005: Promoted to Sheriff of Dallas. Turned Elliott Hartigan into her Child.

Character Details

  • Suffers guilt from the loss of her "child".
  • Is sweet and kind, but looks out for #1.
  • Loathes the FotS and has issues remaining calm/collected around their members.
  • Prefers to drink real blood instead of synthetic.


Name Race Relation Notes
Valentinus Vampire Maker Recently made aware that he is alive and well, using the name 'Will Grant' and is King of Texas.
Clarence Vampire Bodyguard/Hirling Works as one of Isobel's bodyguards. The most trusted that she hires out to take care of other matters as well.
Marius Vampire Whip An old friend of both Will and herself, taking up the position to be the brutality that she cannot stomach.
James Vampire Friend Met a few times, more recently in South America approximately 15 years ago.
Elliott Vampire Fledgling Child After spending a great deal of time with Elliott, and obtaining the blessing of her Maker, she has turned him and plans on teaching him how to be a proper vampire.
Tripp Vampire Hirling New vampire in Dallas. Now works for her.

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