Portrayed by Hugh Dancy
Fullname Ivan Artemis Fontane
Birthday June 2
Species Witch
Age 27
Height 6'1"
Weight 173
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Occupation Political Liaison

Claim to Fame

Acting as something of a Second In Command within Mayor McNaab's office, Ivan is in charge of the political direction as well as the PR of the entire operation. A task which, until quite recently, many thought far too much of a burden for the lackadaisical man. For those (very, very, select few) in the know, he sometimes acts as a Human Ambassador to the vampires, and vice versa.


Character Details

Smooth, charming, and debonair, Ivan is the kind of man you would expect to find in high class society. He is eloquent and highly intelligent, and has a way of never looking bad. Ever. Due mostly to the care he puts to his social appearance, as he derives his enjoyment from life from the positive attention he can muster. Brought up as one of four children, and a twin at that, he has a compulsive need to be the center of attention at almost all times, and the necessary attributes to make this happen. He is, therefore, overwhelming selfish, and almost childish in that respect. His sense of morals and values are inextricably skewed, as he maintains that morals and values themselves are relevant and subject to change, therefore unreliable and so he doesn't hold himself to any set group of them.

But it's not all bad with the Fontane twin. He is genuinely resourceful, and though he will always look out for his best interest first, he often looks out for the good of the community as a whole. He is also highly ambitious possessing the drive and the skills to go far in life. And though he may be selfish and self-involved, (he is quite the arrogant little berk), he is not a mean-spirited person at heart, but rather a good-natured, fun-loving creature who cares more about the value of people then the value of material objects, therefore making him a wonderful companion to have.

UPDATE: He has return a much wiser, much more solemn, and jaded man. The remnants of the rambunctious boy that remained are hard to pick out, if they even exist at all at this point. He has, in every sordid sense of the word, grown up into a responsible figure. Whether this change is for the better or the worse, it's hard to say. And it's even harder to guess at the motive.

Ivan's Journal


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