Portrayed by Tristan Wilds
Fullname Jamal Isaiah Fullerton
Species Witch
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Hotel Maintenance Worker, Carmilla Hotel

Claim to Fame

No fame! Or, no fame yet! Jamal's a new kid in town, making friends the best he can.


Born and raised in New Orleans, Jamal is the son of Beulah Fullerton and - well, some guy whose last name must have been Fullerton. Jamal never met the guy. He grew up with his mother and his aunt, both from Haiti, and a little half-sister. They are practitioners of Voudun, and he grew up with it too, though he is no real believer.

He lived a life of relative obscurity and poverty in the poorest quarter of New Orleans, scraping by in school (though he did stay in, and he did graduate, much to his mother's great pride) and after that, working odd jobs. He had his own apartment, and was paying his own bills. Then one day, he woke to the sound of his apartment walls being perforated by semiautomatic gunfire: he'd been mistaken for some other Jamal, he says. It might not be true, though, because he left town immediately with his old beater car, his small collection of pants and shirts, and precious little else. He came to Dallas because it seemed like a good place to go, far from whatever trouble he'd made or round back home, and far enough away to keep his family safe.

He's doing all right for himself in Dallas. He's met werewolves and vampires; he's gotten himself a job, a housemate, a few friends, and a Texas driver's license. His life is shifting from 'ordinary' to 'extraordinary'.

Character Details

Jamal is easygoing, hard to rile, hard to frighten. He's unlikely to show he's offended even when he's offended. He's a hard worker, self-sufficient, too proud to take a handout, but not too proud to get things secondhand. He likes people, dogs, alligators (useful, in N'awlins). He does not like snakes, spiders, or fire ants. He likes to cook and is more domestic than he looks.


Name Race Relation Notes
Andra Witch Housemate Also shares house with Zorro, a dog

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