James Stockton
Portrayed by Russell Crowe
Fullname James Stockton
Birthday April 7, 1613
Species Vampire
Age 392 (appears 30)
Height About 6'
Weight About 180 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Occupation Wanderer, freelance, craftsman

Claim to Fame

Bit of a wanderer. Likes big dogs. Has a south London accent.


  • Born in 1613
  • Fought in the English Civil War.
  • Turned in 1643 by Marius Schlachter
  • Hung out with Marius for a couple of centuries.
  • Wandered off to settle down.
  • Got bored. Decided to travel the Mediterranean and Middle East.
  • Fought in Cypress for the Brits in WW2.
  • Moved to Canada for a change of pace in late '40's.
  • Fought in the Viet Nam war for the US.
  • Wandered Central and S. America for kicks in the 80's and 90's.
  • Hunted through Mexico about the time of the Great Revelation.
  • Wandered into Dallas early in July '05. Decided to stick around for a bit.

Character Details

James was raised in a time very different than now. By nature, he's calm and even-tempered, occasionally even amusing. Not a lot phases him. He's been there. Done that. Seen most of it. Worn out more t-shirts than he cares to count. He is prone to restlessness, however, and is known to alternate between periods of wanderlust out of a desire for the 'old days' and periods of settling down and pretending he's at peace. Nonetheless, he is something of a quiet calming influence on those around him, including his best friend and Maker, Marius. He's also loyal, raised in a time when betraying an oath could mean one's life. When he gives his word, it is unbroken.


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