Jamie Cox
Portrayed by Jessica Stroup
Fullname Jamie Kristen Cox
Birthday May 25, 1986
Species Human
Age 23
Height 5'8"
Weight 135
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Occupation Publicity Associate

Claim to Fame

A publicity associate at the PR firm Carmichael-Shandwich Inc. known for being ruthlessly hard-working. Despite the other three members of her family being members of the Muea Tseena Pack, Jamie is not a werewolf.


Jamie was born the second of two girls in the affluent suburb of Plano, Texas, to a workaholic executive father and a socialite mother. Sandy Ann, her mother, was a former beauty queen, and stuck both the girls into pageants even before they could walk. Jamie grew up on the pageant stage, part of a matching set with her big sister, Tiffany.

The training was intense, as both of their parents viewed winning as the only real option in all aspects of life. There were no rewards for coming in second. Several hours of every single day were devoted to practicing, costume fittings, and other preparations. At the age of twelve, Tiffany stormed off the stage during a particularly important event, leaving Jamie to deal with their overwrought mother and the increased pressure to win.

At this point, Jamie was able to luxuriate in the feeling of being her mother's favorite: she worked even harder in the pageants after Tasha abandoned them, earning all of the attention her sister had left behind.

Unlike Tasha, she didn't quite throw herself into her schoolwork. While she did continue to work to maintain high grades, she also kept up an active social life. Though certainly not a warm person, a natural talent for manipulation kept her surrounded by girls who were more lackeys than honest friends. She didn't dedicate her life to getting the Valedictorian slot, but she did perfect the art of the social takedown. A childhood of focusing on appearance had formed her habits into surface gloss and subtlety.

When Tasha underwent her first shift and Jamie learned some the fringe secrets that surrounded her family, she was excited at first. Some day, without a doubt, that would be her. When time passed and it didn't happen, it hit Jamie hard. Being locked out of something shared between all three of her family members, unable to compete with what genetics had given them, caused a fundamental shift in her behavior: instead of working to please her parents, she started to vie for their attention through less worthwhile behavior. The first sign was giving up pageantry in a show of teenage rebellion. (Like Tasha, her relationship with her mother has never /quite/ recovered.) From there, it just got worse: while Tasha was the golden child of academics, Jamie became the partier who broke curfew and wound up with the wrong guys. Though nobody was keeping track, it's possible that she was grounded more often than not.

After graduating from her all-girls private school, Jamie attended Pepperdine University and earned a BA in Public Relations. Not exactly the most illustrious choice of majors, as her parents were happy to point out on more than one occasion, but they couldn't argue with the fervor with which she pursued it and her natural talent for the subject. Her college years were fast and fervent. Jamie came to live by the rule of "you work hard, you play hard." She dated a few guys off and on, but nothing stuck as anything serious. Similarly, what friendships she made were tenuous and strained both by Jamie's inclination towards manipulation and domination and her difficulty with opening up to others in a genuine fashion.

After graduation, Jamie found a job as a personal assistant to a publicist in Chicago. After almost two years of hard work, fate would have it that Jamie find a better job back home in the Dallas: she snagged a position as a publicity associate at the Dallas PR firm Carmichael-Shandwick Inc. The recent move has brought her back home.

Character Details

Jamie is driven by a fundamental need for attention that has grown from the confines of her family into the rest of her life. Combined with this, frustratingly enough, is a great difficulty and reluctance to open up to others, which has left her with few close friends. She is more inclined to friendships of a more superficial nature, and tends to center attention around herself rather than give it to others.

Though there is a distinct chill to Jamie's demeanor, it is a pliable thing that can warm to the right person — generally someone who has something she wants, be it a boss or a rival or the like. It is true warmth that is difficult to find in her. To those who provide neither the opportunity for advancement or a threat to her status, she tends towards a cool neutrality that either tends towards recruitment or indifference. To those who become counted as enemies, she is full of venom, disdain, and an inclination towards social ruination.

Growing up with such a focus on appearances, Jamie is simultaneously vain about her looks and her body and has major problems with her self-image. Though she has never fallen in deep enough to develop an eating disorder, she has an extreme preoccupation with dieting and exercise past what is necessary for her to be fit and healthy. This is connected to a generalized feeling of not being good enough — in all pursuits, she tends to feel just one step behind success.


Name Race Relation Notes
Tiffany "Tasha" Natasha Cox Werewolf Older Sister One of the few people that Jamie feels close to. Their relationship is hardly perfect, and growing up as sisters two years apart tends to make for tension, but they've still managed to be close for most of their lives. Jamie resents Tasha's success on a number of levels: she's the academic overachiever, she has the illustrious career, and, most importantly, she's the werewolf. On top of that, she's wildly frustrated by Tasha's protective streak and tends to act out against it. Still, there remains a fundamental bond of love and care between them.
Curtis Walter Cox Werewolf Father In Jamie's mind, there is the distinct impression that Tasha is more their father's daughter than Jamie is. Tasha is the one who takes after Curtis's practical, workaholic nature. While Jamie's relationship with her father doesn't involve a lot of friction at this point, neither does it involve a good deal of warmth.
Sandy Ann Cox Werewolf Mother Distinctly more difficult is Jamie's relationship with her mother. Though Jamie's obsession with her appearance is enough to soothe certain nagging tendencies in her mother, there is still the pressure to land a man and be as hard-working and successful as her older sister. Fights with her mother tend to be fierce and fast and are unfortunately not all that rare.


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Sweetheart Sisters May 6, 2005 May 6, 2010 Tasha and Jamie meet up for drinks at Absinthe.

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